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Some Useful Packing Hacks for Your Next Relocation

Moving to a new house seems an exciting opportunity but it is a cumbersome task which confuses and stresses everyone. A lot of ideas come up in the mind like where to begin? You have to connect with the utility company for an address change, packing and cleaning of the home, hiring packers and movers in Delhi, and last one scare of moving to the unknown destination and a lot of adjustments over there. Let us discuss here the packing process for house relocation and keeping in concern that you don’t leave any important thing behind.

Packing Supplies You Require

It doesn’t matter how many boxes you have already in your home, you need a different sized carton to keep all your belongings. You need to ensure that all the boxes you have should be sturdy enough to keep the belongings safe during the transit process. Also, do not overlook the fact packing material is an essential requisite for safe and damage-free house relocation.

If you already have any spare plastic boxes, you should pack your valuable and fragile goods in them. Alternatively, you can arrange packing cartons from distinctive places. One should keep in mind that sometimes you require to visit a nearby grocery shop to get the cartons. Here, we are providing the list of packing essentials required by you while packing your household possessions, which is as follows:

• Large boxes

• Small boxes

• Medium boxes

• Heavy-duty boxes

• Wardrobe boxes

• Mirror boxes/ Telescopic cardboard boxes

For security and safety, it is ideal to make use of telescopic cardboard cartons for the packing of mirrors and artwork. Some additional packing material other than cartons is as follows:

• Styrofoam

• Packing tape

• Bubble wrap

• Old newspapers

• Stretch wrap for furniture

• Marker

• Plastic bags

• Labels

Also, you can hire a complete moving kit online for a distinctive type of property. An additional option is to book your relocation from the proficient moving company. These companies are well versed in packing and moving techniques to make your experience hassle-free.

Our packing experts have prepared some quick hacks to pack your goods while moving house.

Plan Your Packing in advance: The average time taken to pack your goods entirely depends on the numbers. However, it is advised to start your packing process earlier to avoid any last-minute blunder. For a bigger home, two months are enough if you are packing one box in a day. For the small homes, one month time is fine. Of course, this is not the exact number, but you will get a certain idea.

Initiate with Least Used Item

For example, you should first check the rooms on the top floor, especially when you have a loft in your house. Later on, move your way towards the other floor. The items, which are used seasonally like coats, Diwali Lights, Garden Tools, and others, are the appropriate examples, which you could pack before everything else.

De-clutter and Donate

If we discuss the belongings that you do not want to take with you, you can organize a garage sale or donate them to the nearby orphanage or charity. Also, you can ask your friends that you are planning to sell goods. Might be, they can take from you anything they need. After all, they are not paying you and you can also sweeten your deal with the pizza or burger.

Prepare a Detailed Inventory List

It will be really helpful for you if you have a large collection of CD’s, books, trinkets, etc. it would be ok if you just put the books in the packing carton and write the “Books” on the label. But, if you have a collection of specialized literature, we recommend you prepare a detailed inventory list. You can do this by preparing the spreadsheet on your phone or laptop and take the print and later on affix it on the top of each box.

You should pack One Room at One Time

This is the most important packing tip that one should never ignore while packing. It is recommended to pack your belonging room wise to avoid any hassle during the unloading and rearranging time. By packing the room wise, you can easily tell your movers and packers in Delhi about the respective boxes. Additionally, you can commence unloading and unpacking your goods in the reverse order – from the top to the ground floor. You can commence with the goods that won’t need unpacking. It will ultimately release your relocation stress.

Make Use of Plastic Bags for Spillable Items

When it comes to the turn of packing detergents and toiletries, it is good to minimize the number of liquid items that you want to take by the packing. You can opt for the sturdy box and some plastic bags. You should take the bottle, unscrew them and put the plastic bags by covering over the neck of every bottle and then screw the cap again on it. Then, you can secure it with packing tape. If in any case, the bottle open by the accident, its content will remain safe in the plastic bag.

What Is a Budget Moving Plan? Why You Need One For Your Move?

Are you planning to relocate? Then it is high time that you plan your finances from today! Relocation is a major aspect that one should take into consideration because it comes with several other parameters. Smooth and quick relocation is possible when you have a team of packer and movers in Hyderabad and a well-etched plan because charges often multiply with time and you might be stuck in a financial fix.

So, it is very important to plan and be proactive with your relocation. Creating a moving budget will help you with the strategy that you need to follow. Since you will be experiencing your relocation closely, getting burdened with a cash shortage would be tough to deal with. Therefore, you should have your monetary factors sorted ahead of the move.

Prior to shifting your base, sit, and think of all the things that you would want to carry with you. Elements such as glassware, kitchenware, electronic items, and possessions should be there on your inventory. Your checklist would give you an idea of the expenses that you will be paying for your moving journey. You should check all of your rooms so that you do not miss out on anything. This research would also assist the team of professional movers to give you an estimate of your entire journey. But, make things clear beforehand. Nearly all the top packers and movers companies charge a similar fee for the consignments. But, your budget should give you an estimate for any other additional charges that might add upon midway because the professional packers’ team often adds up charges depending on the number of fragile – sensitive items they carry. So, plan accordingly.

An extra expenditure that might add up to your cost is the moving insurance cover. Most of the time, these logistic companies ask you to go for insurance policies in case there is damage. In case there is some emergency, you are compensated against the loss. So, you will have to pay for your insurance beforehand in case you want to safeguard your goods from some urgency. So, consider adding this to your budget.

Next up, if you choose to make a concrete budget, it is recommended that you consider a few more fees that you might end up spending in the course of your move. What are those?

Well, those are equipment costs, conveyance costs, depending on the size of the truck that you need for your luggage. Other than that, there are storage fees too that the team of movers asks for depending on the different carriage boxes and storage units you need. To manage your luggage with your own lock, there is again an additional fee. All of these charges are either informed to you ahead of your move or either they come up on your relocation course.

You would be surprised to know that the time you choose for your relocation also decides the number of finances you will shed for your move. The time o the year you decide to shift also alters your budget. Primarily, shifting during the summers costs more whereas the same takes a dip during the winters.

Distance plays a key role in deciding your costs. Depending on how far you are moving to, is directly proportional to the fees charged by the professional movers and packers in Hyderabad. While shifting internationally, you might also need to pay for moving permits, or else you need up paying a penalty! So, make a cautious decision while shifting your base.

Keeping aside some amount of money for the daily expenses is a sensible idea as a new place would anyhow put you in several problems initially because you are moving to an unfamiliar land. There will be groceries, medical expenses, conveyance charges, bills, etc that you will be paying once you shift.

Therefore, when you are moving to a new city or a country, you should manage your expenditures and have a moving budget with you wherever you go. Remember to save money because it is the only source of support in times of distress. Initially, you might have to adjust to the new city and eat outside, and if you have a distance to travel every day to reach your workplace, then this money would come in handy. Maintain a steady account to save as much as you can. In case you are relocating without a job, then you will need a stable source to keep you going till the time you find a new job. So, make well-versed decisions to ensure your relocation turns out to be great.

Shifting from one place to another requires one to have provisionary emergency support. There are multiple reasons why one should go for that. So, keep some amount of money aside for the unexpected times that might hit you. Life throws curveballs when you never expect them to hit you. So, as experts say, that your emergency fund should be able to manage your expenses in the new land for at least a few months in case you are out of work and do not have stable financial support to rely on.

These are some of the crucial reasons why having a moving budget is primary while planning a move. Following the same would promise you a hassle-free relocation. A moving budget is important because it gives you a clear picture of your financial stature. It also gives you an idea if you need to work upon your budget or is it well designed to keep you going for the next few months. Configuring your ongoing expenditures is important to assess whether you are saving generously or not. Because when there is some urgency or you’ve exceeded your expenses, this saved money would be your savior.

These are some of the indisputable benefits of moving with a budget plan. If you still haven’t figured out your budget plan, then it’s high time you go for it. You can do these using spreadsheets, or other data notepad, or any other software that you are used to. Doing so will save you time and effort.

Hiring packers and movers when you have worked out your budget plan is the best way to get started with your relocation. There are online directories that cater to all the details and information about these package companies. You can request customized quotes and get ahead if things fall into place.

6 Superb Packing Tips to Safeguard Your Delicate Belongings!

Moving is hard, let us just make it easier for you! Are you someone thinking of moving from Port Blair to Pune? Is the thought of moving in the next few weeks making you awful? Are you unable to think of what you need to do, at the moment so that your move turns out great, without any hassle of damage to your belongings? Then make sure you are not moving alone, but have complete assistance from the moving experts in your region! There are professional movers from Agarwal Packers you can book at the moment because there are several formalities to take care of and a lot of research, comparison, and discussion goes behind finding that ideal moving plan, so without wasting a minute, hire a trusted moving team and then check out the points we have mentioned below to ensure your move turns out to be super smooth and without any damage!

• Prepare your potted foliage – Almost all of us have indoor plants and potted florae in our nursery which are some of the most sensitive things in our household. They are not prone to extreme weather conditions and temperatures. So, when you are preparing for the move, make sure to check on their conditions to know if they are fine. All the damaged, dried-up plants should be discarded because the long transit journey would worsen their form. Trim out the extra, wildly growing branches and leaves, keep them clean and light.

While packing these tubs, use convenient, spacious cartons or boxes. There are special plan carriers available with many moving companies and they provide your delicate plants with the needed care and ventilation during the journey.

• Avoid risking your glassware – The next most delicate items in our moving load remain our pretty collection of chinaware, porcelain, glassware, and crystal items. These are not only some of the high-value items in our collection but need ample protection and packing to be moved safely. So, if you are handling them without assistance from the experts of Agarwal Packers and Movers, make sure you have the required packing materials including bubble wraps, moving blankets, packing peanuts, soft cloth, old newspaper, plastic stretch wraps, foam sheets, etc.

To begin with the process, first, take out every single glass item from your kitchen. Removing the broken and old ones, have a look at the remaining glassware sets that you want to move. Now, wrap the items individually with a layer of bubble wraps first, then use double coats of packing paper to keep the bubble wrap intact. Tape the final coating with packing tape.

• Secure paintings and pictures – Coming to the pictures, artworks, paintings, and wall décor, you must ensure to clean the surfaces of the same first and then pack! Spread a double-layer of packing paper on an open surface, then place the item on top of it, with its front-facing the paper. You can use corner protectors to shield the poky corners because these are vulnerable. Old newspaper, or crumpled paper balls, or soft tissues could be used to add cushioning to the moving boxes carrying these items. Bubble wraps are a must to add to because they will protect the glass surface from accidental breakage during moving disturbances.

• Machines/Appliances and tools – Let’s now move to the sensitive appliances and delicate equipment that we have in our homes. There are many of them and each of them needs special handling and packing protection! So, we would advise you to seek assistance from the professional moving team you have hired from Agarwal Movers and Packers. They would ease out this struggling task and handle all other packing tasks for you! But if you are doing it, do make sure to do that carefully.

Using the original equipment or appliance box remains ideal. If you have them with you in your storeroom, use them! If not, you can always get them from the market. Customized cardboard boxes are the best to move electronic items like your smart TV, air conditioner, and appliances like your kitchen chimney and microwave oven. Their original boxes are insulated with heavy thermocol that acts as an insulation layer and protects your items from any kind of damage. Always add a coat of bubble wrap or soft cloth to the screens.

• Protect furniture and furnishings – You cannot skip packing the bulky furniture items you have at your place. Though handling them alone would be quite a hectic job and you can even end up injuring yourself if you are not careful enough. So, seek professionals’ help or involve your family members to join you in the task! Furniture should at first be dismantled before they are packed. Use moving blankets to cover the table-tops and use old rugs to cover any other furniture surface. The dismantled parts must be wrapped individually with generous coats of bubble wraps and packing paper!

• Few more tips for moving fragile goods – We have discussed some of the handiest packing tips for your valuable household articles, but here are some more you can check out!

  1. Open spaces within fragile articles or moving boxes should be sealed with foam peanuts or crumpled paper.
  2. If you are moving all your delicate, specialty items in one big box, make sure to add a sufficient layer of packing paper and a single coat of bubble wrap to the bottom of the carton.
  3. Do not move many, oddly shaped items together in a box, they might damage the other items in the box. If possible, use different-sized boxes for your range of fragile goods.


When you are doing the packing of your belongings on your own, you remain worried about quite a lot of things. Your mind is baffled with “what if” this goes wrong or something gets broken or smashed during the move. This happens when you have a range of fragile goods in your collection and you do not want them to arrive at your new home in pieces. For that, you must look over the ideas discussed above and enjoy a hassle-free and damage-free move!