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9 Significant Tasks One Must Not Forget While Changing Homes!

Hey! Since you’ve landed up here, we know you are on the lookout for some quick and simple guidance ahead of your move. Is that so? Well, then hold your breath and stay here until your read this entire piece full of pre-move relocation tips. But ahead of that, you have to hire the moving experts from Agarwal Packers if a house moving thought is seriously hovering over your mind and you need some help!

Now, when you have booked your ideal team of moving professionals, you are almost done because all the top, professional moving companies offer you door-to-door relocation support so that customers like you can enjoy an expedient moving experience.

The tips that we are going to talk about below or the chores that we are going to mention in this article are not impractical, nor tough, but are often missed out at the final moment. So here they are. These are pretty much simple to work out and we bet you will have a fantastic moving experience if you seriously check them out before the move.

• Not doing enough research and comparison

Let’s start with the most important task – researching and finding the right team of moving professionals. There are several renowned moving companies that you can find over the internet. All you need to do is compare and review everything efficiently and see what sort of services they are offering. Also, you should pick up a deal that fairly addresses your moving requirements and also assures the wellbeing of your goods and belongings. Stay away from hidden charges and slash rates as those would raise your moving cost.

• Not coming up with a good moving plan

Next, you should design a great relocation plan. For instance, when you shall finalize the moving date, the days you will need to prepare your household stuff, when and how you will deal with the segregated items when you would notify your office colleagues and friends about the move, and so on.

• Not confirming the new home agreement

Have you finalized your new home? Is the documentation complete? Formalities met? If you have not done that yet, make sure you do. Once you finalize your new home and also take a few days out of your schedule to pay a visit to the place, you will be on terms to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the moving day preparations. Those who are relocating to a rented property and are thinking of purchasing a home only after a while would need to stay active and look out for the available housing options with the property dealers.

• Not budgeting and preparing finances

Often in the hustle-bustle of packing and moving day preparations, one tends to miss out to check their financial stature. Conducting relocations is a costly affair and if you do not plan your budget well, you can come across a cash shortage. Moves are and have always been associated with expenses and abrupt costs, so keeping a generous amount of money aside for hiring the moving professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers could be of great help!

• Not purchasing the right moving insurance

Soon after you book your movers, you must opt for full-coverage moving insurance. Skipping your moving insurance could cost you the worth of your belongings if your moving truck gets hit by some accident or there is some serious climate disturbance. You can opt for insurance after evaluating your belongings closely because if you have a good range of expensive articles, you would be worried about their safety throughout the journey. So, purchasing full-service moving insurance is a must.

• Not giving away excess stuff before packing

If you are not de-cluttering before going for the move, you will find a lot of things pretty much unneeded in your new home, something that could have been easily avoided, otherwise. So, make sure you sort out everything before you come up with the final list of your moving inventory. From exquisite articles to furniture, crockery, and other décor items – you will have things which were never in use, nor would ever be in need and transporting all those things meets no purpose nor makes sense.

• Not preparing the moving inventory ahead

Once you evaluate every household article, and you know which ones are worth considering for your next move, make sure to prepare a moving catalogue or inventory that will list every single article of your moving load. Just like we people tend to draw lists of things to recall stuff, preparing house inventory helps a lot when you are either dealing with your insurance post the move or simply evaluating the delivered cartons at your doorstep. Keep this inventory handy and make sure to every small detail in it.

• Not safeguarding goods and belongings

Since you have booked your moving professionals, you can rest easier because there are certain things – valuables and expensive household stuff that need first-rate protection and brilliant packing. And, if by any chance your belongings do not get packed well before, chances are you might end up losing them or see them in a broken/damaged form upon their delivery. This is because undergoing the long transit distance added with jerks, jolts and upheavals often affect the goods and they do not stay intact. So, ensure 100% insulation to all your belongings.

• Not inspecting the preparations time-to-time

Most of the time, the most crucial things and the most important tasks remain unattended due to our negligence. This is a big mistake, so we should remain actively involved in the packing process and see if everything is going as desired or not. Though the professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers would settle down everything, you should at least keep an eye on their job and alongside, wrap up the last-minute tasks remaining on your end. Whether it is settling due bills or notifying service authorities.

So the next time you think of shifting homes, do not miss out to consider the above-discussed tips and have a seamless moving journey!

Want to Pack Fragile Goods for Your Move? Read Smart Tips Here

Moving is really a daunting task that stresses out the individual owing to various time consuming and hectic activities. It is troublesome to pack the entire household within few weeks or days. We have infinite numbers of goods at our home and packing them for new destination actually needs planning and organization. If you will haphazardly and randomly put all the things in the carton, it will mess up the goods and you get all the goods in the broken condition.

To ease out your moving pain, you can simply hire professional packers and movers, who will plan your move in a better way. But, still you are planning to do it yourself then you need to tighten your shoulders and get ready with lot of planning and organization. There are articles and appliances at home that require special treatment while packing. In this blog, we are discussing about the some useful tips to pack the fragile goods like glassware, crockery set and porcelain so that they remain intact during the transportation.

Smart Tips to Pack Fragile Items for Your Next Move

  1. Make Use of Small Packing Carton

While packing the precious fragile goods for move, one should separate them into the small cartons. With this approach, these goods will remain as it is and don’t break with the pressure of heavier objects. The bigger carton will be very difficult to carry and goods can get damaged in it.

  1. Wrap Every Item Separately

Fragile goods could be any like bulbs to bone china. You need to separately wrap each piece individually as per its size and volume. All the loose items and attachment with them should be separated and wrapped in good quality bubble wrap and the insulating material.

  1. Do Not Forget to Tape the Box from the Bottom Surface

As of now, you all the fragile goods are wrapped carefully. Now, before putting them in the carton, one should tape the bottoms from the bottom layer so that it remains reinforced after keeping the goods in it.

  1. Stuff The Hollow Space

There must be hollow items at your home like bowls, vases, jars, glasses and many others. While packing these items, you should fill the hollow space with the crumpled paper to prevent damage from the jerks and jumps during the transit process.

  1. Label Your Boxes as FRAGILE

It is quite essential to mark your box as FRAGILE so that you movers team or loaders will get to know that the box contain fragile goods. You can also inform your mover’s team about these boxes as they need extra care while loading and unloading.

  1. Devote Your Proper Time in Packing

Every know moving is the stressful. One can get frustrated very easily with this chaos and strive hard to pack all the goods speedily. But, when there comes the turn to pack fragile goods, it is advised to take the proper time and adorn your new home with exclusive embellishment.

  1. Use Sturdy Packing Cartons

Before start packing your goods, firstly ensure that you have bought good quality and robust packing cartons so that your goods remain safe and secure during the transit process. We better understand the pain one faces while losing their beloved household goods during the transportation. It is advisable to arrange new cartons despite using the old ones arranged from grocery or wine shop.

  1. Keep Heaviest Item at the Bottom

You should be vigil while packing your fragile goods. While putting them in the pack cartons, keep the heavy items at the bottom of the box. To make sure that nothing is broken, pack the heaviest and largest items at the lowest of the box.

  1. Keep the Cushioning Stuff at Bottom of the Carton

One should make use of soft material like packing paper, tower or styrofoam peanut, should be kept at the bottom of all the packing cartons containing the fragile goods. It will assist you to fortify the box and provide cushioning effect for the household items.

  1. Be Cautious While Handling Fragile Goods

Now you have packed all the goods using quality material and techniques. It is the time to lift them for the transportation process. Make your moving team alert before the loading time that these cartons contain Fragile Goods and special care to be given to these items.

With this, you will be able to make your home stress-free and reliable. You can also connect with leading movers and packers, who are proficient in planning your goods movement at the affordable budget. With these professionals, you will relieve your moving stress a lot and you will get the enough time to explore your new destination.

So what are you waiting for? Next time, despite laying your stress on packing and moving, take the expert help.

Top 8 Simple Ways to Unpack and Organize After A Move!

What do you think is the most challenging part of relocations? Is it the initial phase when you pack and prepare your belongings or when you unpack and organize everything once the shifting task is accomplished? Well, ideally both the tasks are quite hectic and if you are someone relocating from Gurgaon in the next few weeks, executing everything alone, without the assistance from the packers and movers in Gurgaon could be a major hassle. So, make sure you book them and breathe easy!

In this article, we would primarily talk about how you can unpack the delivered packages and organize them in your place sensibly.

• Keep your calm during the process

If you are looking out for unpacking efficiently, just the way you performed all your packing tasks before the move, you must keep yourself calm. Often in the packing and moving mess and stress, it is quite easy to let loose of your track. So, take time out to plan how you are going to unpack and manage stuff after you reach your new home. Though if you book a team of moving professionals beforehand, you can manage the settlement of the post-move goods pretty easily, but still, if you want everything to take place as per your plan, start early.

• Follow a smart unpacking formula

To have a smooth and organized unpacking and organization, you should take care of how you want to do it. Which rooms do you want to set up first and how you are going to do it? Once you have that plan in mind, managing all the piles of moving cartons shall not even matter! This is when you need to take out your moving inventory so you can refer to it to find out which cartons contain essentials and which cartons carry your kitchen items and bedding materials. Avoid unpacking every carton on the first day; you will have ample time to tackle the less important cartons later.

• Unpack all the essential items first

It is quite normal to undo the boxes of necessities before moving to the rest of the moving cartons. So, make sure you refer to the name labels on each of the boxes before you open them. Ideally, you would require setting up your washroom, the kitchen space, and your bedroom first so you can at least enjoy some comfort in your new home on the first day of your move. So, establish your bathroom first by arranging the toiletries and cleaning supplies. Next, move to the kitchen items moving carton to unpack the basic cooking tools and utensils, and finally, prepare your bedding so you can have a peaceful sleep.

• Get utility objects installed timely

If you have opted for full-service movers, and have booked door-to-door relocation assistance, no need to worry about complicated items like furniture and appliances. All of your electronics and appliances like a desktop computer, gaming station, geyser, microwave oven, smart screen TV, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. require specialized handling during installation. So, make sure your moving team does all those tasks before leaving your place. If you can manage, you can organize the furniture by yourself with the help of your family members but make sure all the complicated, delicate possessions are dealt with by the professionals only.

• Time to start doing rooms /spaces

Now the foremost thing you must look forward to, once the experts have left is to make at least some of your most-used spaces/rooms functional. If you wish to start with your bedroom, go ahead, and do that. If you want to set up your kitchen section before any other area as you need to prepare meals, then unpack the required kitchen essentials and make sure the major kitchen appliances like the gas stove, refrigerator, chimney, and microwave oven are installed appropriately and are working. But avoid doing anything randomly but address your priorities first.

• Tackle open areas and living room for last

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should unpack and organize with a strategy, and for that, you should arrange your living room, the guest room, the backyard, and other miscellaneous areas of your new home at last. These are the areas that could be managed at your ease and your own pace, once you have moved into your new home. But here is a tip, if you have got your indoor and outdoor plants transported, make sure they have been brought out in the light and your open household space. Water them and see if they look fine. Lay the carpets and doormats, hang the antiques and artifacts in their appropriate places, arrange your books and office supplies in the correct place. Unpacking and organizing your new home would take time, so unpack a little amount of stuff every day to manage to unbox conveniently.

• Take care of household cleanliness

All this while, you should also take care of the sanity of your new home. Unpacking boxes and cartons creates a lot of mess and trash around as there are piles of opened cardboard boxes, litters of packing paper, and bubble wraps lying everywhere around you. What you need to do is, once a particular section/space of your household is set up; throw away the trash that has been made. This way you will have a clear counter to take care of the rest of your moving cartons. At times, when there is too much mess around, people end up losing their stuff mistakenly as they end up considering everything around like trash.

• Last but not least – the storage

After you have unpacked the majority of your items, you shall be left with only the garage stuff or miscellaneous items that you have brought with you. Storage areas like attics, extra rooms, terrace rooms, etc. should be organized in a way that you can find all the needful stuff handy and the best way you can organize these items is by arranging them bit by bit.

The process of unpacking certainly takes time but if you stick to a few organizational tips and book the packers and movers in Gurgaon, unpacking would be simple and fun!