A Useful Manual for Unloading & Re-Organizing Goods after a Move!

For most of us, the most challenging part of the relocation tends to be the packing and shipment of our goods to the destination, but the real struggle lies in the post moving phase – where you have to take care of safe unloading and unpacking of your items before they are re-organized at your new home. If you are thinking of making a move in the next couple of months, and have almost got into the arrangements for the same, you would also have hired the professional movers – like Agarwal Packers for the task. But, in case you are still worried about how all those innumerable packages would be securely unloaded and unpacked one by one, at your destination and how the rest of the post moving home organization task would take place in a short while, then this blog post is going to help you out.

Here, we have incorporated all the post moving tips, where you can take care of safe and secure unloading of your household items from the moving vehicle when it reaches the destination, i.e. your new home. But, it is important to mention here, that unloading is nowhere an easy task. It is equally if not more complicated than packing. Therefore, you should be well prepared with an organized unloading and unpacking method to make the job easy! And the points mentioned underneath would help you in doing that a lot more, systematically.

Note: While some people prefer getting their consignment unloaded the same day, it reaches their address, some individual’s desire to do that over a couple of days (in such a case, the moving truck remains parked in the customers’ residential area and the goods are unloaded the next day. So, whatever your requirement is like, you can discuss everything related to your unloading, with the professional movers’ team while you are signing them for the agreement.

• Keep it organized – Unloading creates a lot of mess and all you could see around are half-opened cartons, packing papers, and bubble wraps torn apart. So, before getting into the unpacking job in a jumbled-up way, you should try to unpack the priority item packages first. You can begin with your kitchen section, your bedroom, or your bathroom because these are the primary spaces that need to be turned operational first.

• Ensure to a label – The first point unfailingly brings us to the fact that all our packages should be well labelled and numbered. This is one of the most aspects to take care of while your goods are being packed. If you have numbered your packages and have added proper labels denoting the details of the item, the designated room it should be taken to, and the handling instructions, your unloading task would be fulfilled in no time!

• Install major appliances – Next up, you should make sure to unload the packages carrying electronic items first, because nearly all of them would need quick installation. Do not rush, be careful while you are lifting the cartons of equipment because they would be heavy and could injure you if not dealt with properly!

Note: Managing the heavier objects (electronic items, furniture, and appliances) would be difficult, so you are advised to seek professional assistance to reinstate all your major household items in your place. The packing experts would do that on their own, provided if you have chosen a full-service moving company – like Agarwal Packers and Movers for the task. But, if not, you would need to book a local moving team to get the job done, at an additional fee.

• Watch your spaces – While your packages and cartons are being unloaded by your team, you should check if the pathways are clear and free of hurdles. Movers often use specialized equipment like a hand truck, furniture dolly and appliance dolly that requires sufficient open spaces and safe corridors (for smooth movement of your cartons once they have been unloaded). The equipment holds your package securely and moves your heavy appliances (refrigerator, washing machines, etc.) to your desired place without any struggle.

• Takedown fragile goods – Your range of specialty items would be the most expensive ones, and also the most delicate. Therefore, to ensure they are safe and sound, you should unload those packages ahead of other moving cartons carrying household items. Fragile items can break and smash if kept under pressure and bounded for a long time. So, make sure you get them out of the moving truck. For assistance, you can even mention a specific mark or simply write the term ‘Priority’ alongside ‘Fragile’ while you are packing your specialty items. It would help you in easing out your home organization process, later on.

• Ascertain storage items – Ahead of the move, you would also have a significant amount of your goods safely transported in the secure storage units. It is time for you to get them in your new home at the earliest. It is recommended that you book the storage unit facility for only the in-between interim duration and not for an extended period because it comes at a high price. So, soon after most of your moving cartons and boxes have been safely unloaded, you should talk to the secure storage authorities to arrange for the shipment of your storage items. If it is scheduled to reach you the next day, fine enough, you will have sufficient time to manage the rest of your household goods.

• Inspect for one last time – Soon after your packages have been unloaded and moved into your new home, you should evaluate each one of them to spot damages or figure out if something is misplaced during the transit. You can seek insurance reimbursement if your items have undergone breakage or have been lost. Match each of your moving cartons with its name, listed in the inventory before making final payment to the movers.


Relocations are quite complicated and challenging to experience. Both your pre-moving and post-moving tasks include so many activities that you feel exhausted. If you are worried about how you will deal with the post-move, unloading-unpacking-arrangement of your goods at your place, then you should seek help from the best – Agarwal Movers and Packers who would serve you with the best of services till the final step of your move!