Best Ways to Pack High-Value Specialty Items during Move!

You might be someone who has an incredible collection of specialty items and exquisite décor articles that you have bought with a significant amount of money and have put in your years of effort to make them the most prized possessions in your household. But, when it comes to moving them to another place, your heart crumbles up in pain and anxiety because they are precious to you and you cannot afford to lose them by any means. We can very well relate to your concern and so, we advise you to seek professionals’ aid for the purpose. There are renowned packers and movers in town, like the Agarwal Packers that you can appoint for your shifting assignment whenever you feel like, but it is suggested that you hire the professionals on time so you can also have an easy and comfortable moving experience without any damage.


You would be aware that among all the household items and possessions that we have in our homes, the most valued and exquisite ones are our fragile items. These specialty items are delicate, have super flimsy surfaces, and require extra protection and care when they are being handled. Even when you are dealing with them for dusting or upkeep, you should be cautious because they can easily break. And when it comes to shifting all these specialty articles for a move, nothing can come close to booking a team of professionals who can effortlessly execute the job. But, in case you are apprehensive about giving this job to the movers and are willing to do that on your own, you can go for it without a second thought!

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you some of the best, expert-deduced ways that can make your specialty items’ moving task a lot manageable. There are a variety of delicate goods that we own and each of them needs a unique way of handling during a move. Here, we have discussed the packing techniques of some of the popular high-value items that are found in our household.

Let’s check them out below:

• Cutlery and crockery

Use heavy-duty moving boxes or cartons that are made of strong cardboard or paperboard and provide enhanced protection to your crockery (dishes, plates, cups, ceramic dining items, tableware, porcelain, and fine chinaware), and cutlery section (knives, forks, spoons, etc.). For packing these delicate items, make sure you use packing paper and bubble wraps to envelop them efficiently and fill in the excess space within the boxes using tissue papers. Amply secure the moving boxes with tapes and label ‘fragile’ along the sides of the cartons. If you have hired packing professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers, you can have a secure shipment of all your specialty items because they incorporate perfect boxes to ensure a safe and sound shipment of your goods.

• Paintings and Pictures

Always make sure to cover the front of the picture or painting with bubble wraps or foam sheets as it would add insulation and prevent them from being hit by external pressure or some mishap. Next, wrap packing paper a couple of times over these glass frames/pictures and paintings to add a protective shield to them. Using corner protectors is a great way to safeguard the bends and angles from external harm. Ascertain that the front of the pictures and paintings faces the ground and tape the packing paper rightly from all the corners. If you are packing larger paintings and pictures, is better to use the original cardboard boxes if you have them. If not, you can arrange cardboard boxes in different styles and sizes from the stationery. Make sure there is no vacuum within the cardboard boxes or else the item would move sides and might be damaged during transit disturbances.

• Aquarium/terrarium/fish bowls

Our range of specialty items also includes fish tanks, aquariums, and other glass vessels that are prone to breakage and require additional maintenance to be transported safely. If you also have them, then you should be aware that they are not easy to move and you need to do a few tasks to prepare them. Remove all the creatures (fish and plants) from the tank and transfer them to another container with water. Release water from the tank and bring it to its 1/3rd section and then wrap it carefully with multiple layers of bubble wraps. Also, add a layer of foam sheet for adding a protective cover. If you have the professionals with you, you need not worry because the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers use specialized cases/containers that are waterproof and are ideal to pack and move bulky glass items.

• Smart flat-screen television

Packing and moving your high-value smart television is another troublesome job. If you know the right ways to prepare your TV for the move, we would still advise you to refer to the user manual or seek guidance or needful assistance from the internet. There are online tutorials where they guide you with a step-by-step process that would make the task for you to execute. But, there is one thing that you should ascertain, which is adding proper padding to your appliance box with bubble wraps, crumpled paper, moving blanket, or soft cloth. The screen of your smart TV should face downwards, and the packing paper should be securely pulled in and sealed with heavy-duty duct tape. Renowned companies are equipped with smarter ways to move your flat-screen television, they bring to use special LED Boxes that are insulated with foam layers from within, are strong and durable and their corrugated surface promises zero damage throughout the transit.


It is true that relocations are quite challenging and what bothers us the most when we are planning one is how securely we can transport our valuable items to the destination. If you have hired moving experts, you can manage things pretty well but if you are packing them on your own, you should follow the above-mentioned tips while you are dealing with these specialty items.