Key Tasks To Accomplish: Before & After Relocation!

Moving a decision could be an exciting journey for you, but getting ready for the shifting day is certainly not! Many people consider relocations to be a daunting experience while some people think of it as a daring adventure. If things turn out great – well and good but if you end up twirling in a mess – it is your headache! But, it is also true that house moves are not that bad as they are often considered to be – one, because moving to a new home gives you a new life, and a new experience to enjoy and secondly, when you have the support from the brilliant packing and moving experts from Agarwal Packers – you can have a great time during your house moving journey!

In this blog post, we are going to discuss with you all that you need to incorporate in your pre-moving preparation and post-moving tasks to make your moving experience a memorable one. Though putting in everything in a single blog post is not easy but we have tried to cater to a majority of it below!

Before the move:

• Design a moving inventory by paring down your possessions. Make sure you make a list of your goods – from your basic day-to-day items to your prized possessions – write down the names of your items in the list and also mention the prospective charges of shifting them, after discussing everything with the moving company! By no means, your moving inventory costs should go beyond your moving day budget. And to make that possible, make sure you segregate your goods to come across only the essential ones.

• But ahead of that, make sure you sort out your items and decide what you are willing to do with them – do you want to keep them, or you wish to donate or discard them right away? Or you are looking for ways to sell them out in exchange for some quick money? – remember when you get rid of excess items from the lot (by discarding the old, worn out and damaged electronics and woodenware, the never to be worn again clothes or the out-dated articles – bags, games, toys, décor items, utensils, photo frames, furniture, etc.

• Now comes the time to decide upon a moving date over a mutual discussion with your family members and your team of professional movers – Agarwal Packers and Movers. There are times when the moving professionals are not readily available to accept your shifting assignment and at times, finding the right one as per our requirements takes a lot of time and patience. So, make sure you work out everything beforehand and then proceed to follow the rest of the packing and moving steps.

• Get all your utilities transferred to your new address. And, make sure to cancel all possible subscriptions and sever all your membership accounts before you leave your old home. Get in touch with the service providers to get the essential connections reinstalled in your newly bought property. Make certain that all your crucial amenities like water, power, cooking gas, and internet and cable connections are disconnected from your present address and are established in the new one!

• In the chaos and hustle of packing and moving, people tend to forget the most important part of the preparation – maintaining the folder of documents to be taken along! So, gather all the essential records and paperwork – license papers, insurance papers for your home and vehicle, medical records, birth and marriage certificates, legal documents, identity proofs like authorized cards, employment, and school records, social security cards, etc. You should also keep your agreed and accepted deal papers in this folder.

After the move:

• Evaluate the delivered packages – Your moving team would have recently shipped all your packages at the doorstep of your new home, now it is your responsibility to inspect all of the moving cartons before taking them into the house premises. Check for the damages and losses if there are any during the transit. Inquire about the possible reimbursements that you would get for any case of damage during accidents.

• Before getting into the household re-arrangement process, you should already have an idea of the floor and home organization plan so there is no confusion when the moving team is in full swing – unpacking your articles and placing them one by one. If you have a great floor plan and a strategy as to how you wish to re-organize your stuff, you will save a lot of time and frustration later on, when they have left. See if the electronics and appliances have been arranged properly closer to the power boards and the electrical panel and water valves have been figured out.

• Before settling in, clean up your space. You would be exhausted after fulfilling such a long move, therefore, you can appoint the cleaning and housekeeping experts online and by the time you reach your new home, they would be there for you – for a good and quick cleanliness session. Ensure every corner is dust and dirt-free before you put in your goods there.

• Few days down the line, say when it has been a week or so, sit with your family over a cup of coffee and discuss ways to live life in the new city. Go out and make friends, meet and greet your neighbours and society people. Figure out the major junctions in your town – schools, colleges, food joints, movie theatres, parks, shopping malls, medical stores, supermarkets, hospitals, metro stations, bus and railway stations, airports, etc. If you have children, you can take them along for walks or plays – young ones find it challenging to adjust to a new society and a new atmosphere, but make sure you give them time so they could open up to embrace the new things in your new locality!


House Shifting is a hard-hitting job! Not just the in-between phase of your first and last day of the move, but the tasks that you have to fulfil just before your moving day and right after moving into your new home. But, there is one solution to all your relocation problems – the professionals of Agarwal Movers and Packers – that would help you to plan for your move efficiently!