How to Plan an Office Move in Chennai?

Planning to move your business from Chennai? Well, packers and movers in Chennai will definitely provide you with the best service to make your move successful. Over the years, a business has to face many challenges. And, an office move is one of the biggest challenges that a company and its employees faces.

Packing everything, transported to a new place and working day and night so that it can cover the downtime you are going to have when the process has begun. There are a lot of things that are supposed to be planned, managed and done, in a very time frame. The reality is that the faster a corporate move gets completed the sooner things resume to normal.

An office move has to be planned months before the move as it is a lengthy process. Here are a few ways to plan your corporate move:

First things first

Review the lease agreement of the current commercial property. If you are planning to leave early and there is anything about the clause of leaving early then you might have to deposit the amount mentioned in the agreement. Read the agreement carefully. You might also be responsible if there has been any damage or breakage done to the space.

Communicate and Notify

Once you have decided on everything then it is important to communicate this internally and externally about your relocation.

• Notify the manager or the owner of the property about your intentions to move out.

• Make an announcement in the office and tell your employees about the moving date and the new corporate office.

• Also, inform your clients about the dates when the office will be non-operational due to the move

• Brief your IT department about everything and ask them what all they require to set up the server at the new address

Main contacts you need to send notice for address change:

• Insurance company

• Telephonic company

• Your internet service provider company

• Accounts department

• Banks

• People outsourced for work

• Accounts department

Delegate the Responsibility

Undoubtedly, moving is a big distraction, so it is important to pay attention to your work to keep the productivity high. You can appoint one responsible person from the office as the “moving manager”. He/she will be responsible for all the keys related to relocation. This won’t bring down the productivity and at the same time the work of relocation will also not suffer.

Assess the needs and wants of your company

• Ask your employees if there is anything which they want to have in their new office to increase the productivity.

• Have a deep understanding about the needs and wants of your employees so that their expectations can be managed.

• Ask your employees if there is any special request regarding the noise level, meeting space, technology or hardware.

Create a detailed inventory

Make a list of all the office furniture and office equipment in the current place. It will help you determine the things that you actually need to move to the new business office. Also, the list will help you to check the items while unpacking.

Create a floor plan so that you can use it to get the estimate about the measures of the furniture that can fit in the available space and office doors. It will also help you to make a decision regarding what to move to the new office and what to leave behind.

Other Preparations

• Sign the official papers and formalities

• Have a word with the security and elevator service regarding the moving day

• Arrange for a cleaning service for the moving day

• Assign a number or code to all your employees to allot them the desk accordingly

• Make a list of emergency contact numbers involved in the move

• Place orders of new furniture and stationery items, if required.

One week before moving day

When there is just 1 week left before the moving day and things start becoming bit chaotic. You still have to remain calm and keep working on your moving checklist

• Call your movers to confirm if everything is fine and they will be arriving on the discussed date and time

• Make sure your new office is also ready with all the utilities, internet facility, telephone lines and security system.

• Ask your employees to take all the personal stuff from their desk or lockers and then they can bring them straight to the new office location

• Arrange for a professional cleaning company to clean your current office completely

Making the move

When the moving day arrives, you should feel well-prepared for the day. Luckily, the packers and movers of Chennai will take the toughest tasks – packing all the furniture, all sensitive IT equipments, loading them into their moving truck, transporting them to the new office location and then unpacking and setting up the things.

• Set all your computers and tech equipment

• Handover the keys, keycards and locker keys of new office to your employees

• Make sure you are present at the place where the packers are unpacking in your new office

• Encourage your employees to personalize their own work areas

Congratulate yourself for a successful corporate move! It’s time to pause and celebrate with your employees!