Common mistakes to avoid while moving during Corona

Are you moving during COVID? We understand that some moves are essential and they cannot be delayed till further notice. Certainly, there is a number of ways that can assure that you go through the safest move possible that too with the most trusted packers and movers in Chennai.

To prevent the transmission of the coronavirus while moving, make sure you avoid committing the mistakes given below:

Not asking the movers about the precautionary measures that they are taking to avoid the spread of this harmful virus- Are you planning to hire a moving professional to look after your packing and moving tasks? If so, then make sure that you ask about the relevant steps that need to be taken to stop the spread of this life-risking damage. The virus commonly circulates from person to person and can even be spread by people who have asymptomatic symptoms. Due to this, it is essential to ask your moving experts about the protective measures that they are taking to protect their employees and customers as well.

Not wearing masks and gloves (PPE kit)- Whether you are hiring movers or planning for a DIY, don’t just forget to wear the protective gloves, face shields, masks, etc. This will help you to prevent you from bringing the virus to enter your home. Additionally, to wearing PPE kits, make sure to keep a proper distance between yourself and the moving executives.

Not washing/sanitizing hands at regular intervals- Washing and disinfecting hands is the only best thing to prevent the spread of a viral infection. And don’t forget to wash hands and hang the paper towels in the bathroom and near kitchen sinks.

While relocating home, it’s also a good idea to offer hand sanitizers for everyone who enters your home. Ask moving professionals to sanitize hands before touching the packing boxes such as door handles, stairs, etc.

Not initiating your movers for a physical survey of goods- Thinking of appointing a professional moving company? Ask if the movers can perform a virtual survey of goods rather than in-house i.e. physical examination. In this era where social distancing is mandatory, you should avoid having people inside your home. Most of the moving experts should be able to accept his request. Virtual surveys could take the tour of your room easily, or you can send a pre-recorded video of your stuff that you can send the movers. Also, they are a safe alternative to a home inspection especially when the virus is at its peak.

Taking packing supplies and boxes from other people- You might be aware that the coronavirus remains on the surfaces including cardboard material for a few days. So, it is quite obvious that it is not a safe time to gather boxes from anybody else; you don’t know how they must have kept the boxes, what precautions they are taking, etc. Also, you must ignore buying boxes from the local shops that lack in marinating hygiene. Before buying make sure the shop you are considering is taking care of the required precautions to stay safe from the coronavirus.

Not sanitizing your moving vehicle- Based on the current situation, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to remaining secure and protecting your health during COVID-19. If you have planned to hire or rent a local moving truck, we suggest you cleanse or sanitize the handles, steering, and the surface where you will keep the goods during movement. You should also ask the truck rental company whether they sanitize their trucks after performing every move undertaken by them or not.

Not remembering to cleanse or disinfect after your move- Once the movers and packers have left your place, or you are done with the unloading part of all the packed boxes, make sure to clean all the surfaces of your home. We also suggest you perform a deep cleanse before unpacking stuff to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus to zero. From mopping and replacing dirty filters with clean ones, cleaning home is the perfect way to kill germs present on the surface as well in the air.

Not asking about the truck company about the practices followed- Have you planned to hire a moving truck for a do-it-yourself move? Ensure to ask the moving representatives for the details about the truck rental company’s practices that are followed during COVID.

Greeting new neighbors- Well, with a new place, you will definitely get the new neighbors. Keep in mind that you should practice social distancing. A normal hello would be sufficient because of the common reason i.e. coronavirus. After all, your new friends could not fail into high risk due to their age or pre-existing health disorders.

Not delaying your relocation if you are not feeling well- You are not well? What are the symptoms you are facing? Did you get in touch with the medical or health expert yet? If you have symptoms of COVID then you must quarantine yourself as soon as possible. Delay your move without delaying your moving process to avoid coming in contact with some other people.

Not informing movers about your quarantine period- You may forget to inform your movers if you are isolated but don’t do that. Packers and movers in Chennai have so many consignments to move and if you don’t inform them about the cancellation then they might have to go through a huge loss. Therefore, for your sake and movers too, it is advisable to inform them about your health conditions.

Pro tip- While the movers arrive at your place to perform packing and moving tasks it is better to let them sit inside a single room. For this, create a packing area where only the moving executives are allowed. This will keep your family members and movers separate which will automatically make you and your surroundings free from viruses or risks. This is very beneficial if you have kids also indulged in your moving process.

Happy moving!