Best Ways to Pack High-Value Specialty Items during Move!

You might be someone who has an incredible collection of specialty items and exquisite décor articles that you have bought with a significant amount of money and have put in your years of effort to make them the most prized possessions in your household. But, when it comes to moving them to another place, your heart crumbles up in pain and anxiety because they are precious to you and you cannot afford to lose them by any means. We can very well relate to your concern and so, we advise you to seek professionals’ aid for the purpose. There are renowned packers and movers in town, like the Agarwal Packers that you can appoint for your shifting assignment whenever you feel like, but it is suggested that you hire the professionals on time so you can also have an easy and comfortable moving experience without any damage.


You would be aware that among all the household items and possessions that we have in our homes, the most valued and exquisite ones are our fragile items. These specialty items are delicate, have super flimsy surfaces, and require extra protection and care when they are being handled. Even when you are dealing with them for dusting or upkeep, you should be cautious because they can easily break. And when it comes to shifting all these specialty articles for a move, nothing can come close to booking a team of professionals who can effortlessly execute the job. But, in case you are apprehensive about giving this job to the movers and are willing to do that on your own, you can go for it without a second thought!

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you some of the best, expert-deduced ways that can make your specialty items’ moving task a lot manageable. There are a variety of delicate goods that we own and each of them needs a unique way of handling during a move. Here, we have discussed the packing techniques of some of the popular high-value items that are found in our household.

Let’s check them out below:

• Cutlery and crockery

Use heavy-duty moving boxes or cartons that are made of strong cardboard or paperboard and provide enhanced protection to your crockery (dishes, plates, cups, ceramic dining items, tableware, porcelain, and fine chinaware), and cutlery section (knives, forks, spoons, etc.). For packing these delicate items, make sure you use packing paper and bubble wraps to envelop them efficiently and fill in the excess space within the boxes using tissue papers. Amply secure the moving boxes with tapes and label ‘fragile’ along the sides of the cartons. If you have hired packing professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers, you can have a secure shipment of all your specialty items because they incorporate perfect boxes to ensure a safe and sound shipment of your goods.

• Paintings and Pictures

Always make sure to cover the front of the picture or painting with bubble wraps or foam sheets as it would add insulation and prevent them from being hit by external pressure or some mishap. Next, wrap packing paper a couple of times over these glass frames/pictures and paintings to add a protective shield to them. Using corner protectors is a great way to safeguard the bends and angles from external harm. Ascertain that the front of the pictures and paintings faces the ground and tape the packing paper rightly from all the corners. If you are packing larger paintings and pictures, is better to use the original cardboard boxes if you have them. If not, you can arrange cardboard boxes in different styles and sizes from the stationery. Make sure there is no vacuum within the cardboard boxes or else the item would move sides and might be damaged during transit disturbances.

• Aquarium/terrarium/fish bowls

Our range of specialty items also includes fish tanks, aquariums, and other glass vessels that are prone to breakage and require additional maintenance to be transported safely. If you also have them, then you should be aware that they are not easy to move and you need to do a few tasks to prepare them. Remove all the creatures (fish and plants) from the tank and transfer them to another container with water. Release water from the tank and bring it to its 1/3rd section and then wrap it carefully with multiple layers of bubble wraps. Also, add a layer of foam sheet for adding a protective cover. If you have the professionals with you, you need not worry because the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers use specialized cases/containers that are waterproof and are ideal to pack and move bulky glass items.

• Smart flat-screen television

Packing and moving your high-value smart television is another troublesome job. If you know the right ways to prepare your TV for the move, we would still advise you to refer to the user manual or seek guidance or needful assistance from the internet. There are online tutorials where they guide you with a step-by-step process that would make the task for you to execute. But, there is one thing that you should ascertain, which is adding proper padding to your appliance box with bubble wraps, crumpled paper, moving blanket, or soft cloth. The screen of your smart TV should face downwards, and the packing paper should be securely pulled in and sealed with heavy-duty duct tape. Renowned companies are equipped with smarter ways to move your flat-screen television, they bring to use special LED Boxes that are insulated with foam layers from within, are strong and durable and their corrugated surface promises zero damage throughout the transit.


It is true that relocations are quite challenging and what bothers us the most when we are planning one is how securely we can transport our valuable items to the destination. If you have hired moving experts, you can manage things pretty well but if you are packing them on your own, you should follow the above-mentioned tips while you are dealing with these specialty items.

Ideal Ways to Pack Kids’ Toys before a Move!

If you have children, you would know how chaotic it is to upkeep their enormous range of toys and their play station well-maintained. And the struggle intensifies if you have got all of this done in a short time span! You might be planning for a future from Delhi to Mumbai, and would have hired the professionals for the purpose – the expert packing and moving team from Agarwal Packers, but still you wish to work out the packing of your child’s corner (stuffed with all sorts of toys, games, tools and more) on your own – then we can help you make it easy! There are some amazing ways that we are going to share with you in this article, which would help you pack up your kid’s section all the more quickly!

• Inform the moving professionals: As mentioned in the beginning of the blog post, we would advise you to first approach the professionals. Although you would have already appointed them for your household shifting task, but make sure to specifically let them know of your moving requirements and preferences, and in this case it would be your child’s lay section that has all sorts of play stuff in small, big and odd shapes and sizes. But, if you are more of a do-it-yourself person, you should check for the required packing items for the same.

• Collect thepacking materials: Since you are packing your child’s toys, make sure you have all the essential packing items – packing paper, heavy duty packaging tape, permanent marker, name labels, moving blanket, moving cartons in different sizes and shapes, bubble rolls, etc. You should gather all of these items much ahead of your moving date, because toy packing is never going to be a fun job as it might seem to be, so making sure you are prepared for the packing process, well enough. Also, designate some amount of time for the task as you do not have the expert assistance from the specialists – Agarwal Packers and Movers. So, make sure to begin the task early, when the kids are away from the spot!

• Segregate the toys and other play items: Over the years, the toys and gaming items in your child’s section would have sufficiently accumulated – where some would be old or broken while others would simply be unnecessary! Make sure you donate all those that your child no longer plays with or finds interesting! There are many charities and social organizations where you can make a contribution of your child’s play items. While the damaged ones should be purged right away into a trash bin. Doing this de-cluttering ahead of your relocation would be a lot beneficial – you would not only travel lighter with lesser items, but also have a cost-effective move, because you will save money on your packing and moving supplies!

• Prepare and pack the rest of the items: Once you sort out these articles, you will be surrounded with the toys that your child currently plays with! So, pack them one by one using proper packing materials, and place them in the moving cartons. Make sure you use bubble wraps and packing paper sufficiently to wrap the toys and delicate play items before you tighten them with packing tapes. Another thing to take care of is that you should never place them directly into the moving boxes, always add the right cushioning – either with layers of packing paper or bubble wrap! Fill in any possible spaces and gaps inside the moving carton with packing peanuts, or else it would shift from one side to another!

• Know the right ways to pack: Since you are packing this complicated kids section that has all sorts of toys and games, and items in different styles and sizes, you should follow a method. What you can do, is chart a step by step packing process for each of the items – keep the like toys (ones with similar shapes, patterns and sizes) together. Your child room would also have items that include – toy cars, soft toys, puzzles, cards, building blocks, battery and key items, board games and several other items. As most of the toys are smaller in shape and size, they could very well be carried in plastic, zip lock bags and the best part is, you can see what is there inside.

• Make certain that all the large and heavy toys are placed at the bottom of the box and the same format would be applied when the moving cartons are being loaded onto the moving truck. With the labels alongside the packages, you would know which ones contain the heavier toys and goods – make sure that the larger one is placed first followed by the lighter cartons on the top.

• Do not pack every item from your child’s play zone. Keep a few aside for them to play with till the final shifting date. Also, for the easily breakable ones/ or the items that are delicate should be carried separately.

• For all the complicated ones – like the bricks and blocks, the tower game, the magnetic building puzzles, the multicolored construction set that are all larger in size should be disassembled ahead of packing. This would help in preventing them from smashing during the transit!

Note: Does all of this seems to be overwhelming and quite a hectic job for you? Well, it is. But if you follow the right ways if you are planning to do that on your own, then you can follow the steps mentioned in this article and protect your child’s favorite toys and play tools from possible damage during the transit!


If you are planning an upcoming move anytime soon and since you have children involved, you have an added responsibility of shifting their play corner that has all their playroom items (from toys, puzzles, games, stickers, boards, balloons, apart from the wall arts, shelves and colorful rugs). And the truth is managing all of this without an additional support could be a hardship. But you can have the moving experts – Agarwal Movers and Packers hired for this purpose, because they are specialized in all sorts of packing and shifting and therefore, would definitely assist you in packing your entire kids section efficiently too!

Key Tasks To Accomplish: Before & After Relocation!

Moving a decision could be an exciting journey for you, but getting ready for the shifting day is certainly not! Many people consider relocations to be a daunting experience while some people think of it as a daring adventure. If things turn out great – well and good but if you end up twirling in a mess – it is your headache! But, it is also true that house moves are not that bad as they are often considered to be – one, because moving to a new home gives you a new life, and a new experience to enjoy and secondly, when you have the support from the brilliant packing and moving experts from Agarwal Packers – you can have a great time during your house moving journey!

In this blog post, we are going to discuss with you all that you need to incorporate in your pre-moving preparation and post-moving tasks to make your moving experience a memorable one. Though putting in everything in a single blog post is not easy but we have tried to cater to a majority of it below!

Before the move:

• Design a moving inventory by paring down your possessions. Make sure you make a list of your goods – from your basic day-to-day items to your prized possessions – write down the names of your items in the list and also mention the prospective charges of shifting them, after discussing everything with the moving company! By no means, your moving inventory costs should go beyond your moving day budget. And to make that possible, make sure you segregate your goods to come across only the essential ones.

• But ahead of that, make sure you sort out your items and decide what you are willing to do with them – do you want to keep them, or you wish to donate or discard them right away? Or you are looking for ways to sell them out in exchange for some quick money? – remember when you get rid of excess items from the lot (by discarding the old, worn out and damaged electronics and woodenware, the never to be worn again clothes or the out-dated articles – bags, games, toys, décor items, utensils, photo frames, furniture, etc.

• Now comes the time to decide upon a moving date over a mutual discussion with your family members and your team of professional movers – Agarwal Packers and Movers. There are times when the moving professionals are not readily available to accept your shifting assignment and at times, finding the right one as per our requirements takes a lot of time and patience. So, make sure you work out everything beforehand and then proceed to follow the rest of the packing and moving steps.

• Get all your utilities transferred to your new address. And, make sure to cancel all possible subscriptions and sever all your membership accounts before you leave your old home. Get in touch with the service providers to get the essential connections reinstalled in your newly bought property. Make certain that all your crucial amenities like water, power, cooking gas, and internet and cable connections are disconnected from your present address and are established in the new one!

• In the chaos and hustle of packing and moving, people tend to forget the most important part of the preparation – maintaining the folder of documents to be taken along! So, gather all the essential records and paperwork – license papers, insurance papers for your home and vehicle, medical records, birth and marriage certificates, legal documents, identity proofs like authorized cards, employment, and school records, social security cards, etc. You should also keep your agreed and accepted deal papers in this folder.

After the move:

• Evaluate the delivered packages – Your moving team would have recently shipped all your packages at the doorstep of your new home, now it is your responsibility to inspect all of the moving cartons before taking them into the house premises. Check for the damages and losses if there are any during the transit. Inquire about the possible reimbursements that you would get for any case of damage during accidents.

• Before getting into the household re-arrangement process, you should already have an idea of the floor and home organization plan so there is no confusion when the moving team is in full swing – unpacking your articles and placing them one by one. If you have a great floor plan and a strategy as to how you wish to re-organize your stuff, you will save a lot of time and frustration later on, when they have left. See if the electronics and appliances have been arranged properly closer to the power boards and the electrical panel and water valves have been figured out.

• Before settling in, clean up your space. You would be exhausted after fulfilling such a long move, therefore, you can appoint the cleaning and housekeeping experts online and by the time you reach your new home, they would be there for you – for a good and quick cleanliness session. Ensure every corner is dust and dirt-free before you put in your goods there.

• Few days down the line, say when it has been a week or so, sit with your family over a cup of coffee and discuss ways to live life in the new city. Go out and make friends, meet and greet your neighbours and society people. Figure out the major junctions in your town – schools, colleges, food joints, movie theatres, parks, shopping malls, medical stores, supermarkets, hospitals, metro stations, bus and railway stations, airports, etc. If you have children, you can take them along for walks or plays – young ones find it challenging to adjust to a new society and a new atmosphere, but make sure you give them time so they could open up to embrace the new things in your new locality!


House Shifting is a hard-hitting job! Not just the in-between phase of your first and last day of the move, but the tasks that you have to fulfil just before your moving day and right after moving into your new home. But, there is one solution to all your relocation problems – the professionals of Agarwal Movers and Packers – that would help you to plan for your move efficiently!

5 Simple Steps To Design Your Ultimate Moving Budget

Relocations in any form, to any place, at any given time are complicated – as simple as that! If not planned well, you might end up calling chaos and confusion. And, if not designed with a great financial strategy and ample financial security at hand, could end up pushing you into an irreparable financial fix! Are you planning to move to Punjab, anytime soon? Are you still hovering over your tentative budget, and want a fixed moving financial plan for your move? Well, then you are just at the right place!

With packers and movers in Punjab, you can figure out things and the priorities of your move. All you need to do is find a team that fits into your moving requirements and promises you the safety and security of your goods. Also, if you are actively involved in your move, giving attention to every small and big detail, you could easily work out a moving budget as well with the assistance from the movers, some good research and comparison, and apparently alleviate some stress for sure.

  1. Manage your moving inventory

Let’s begin with the first and most important step in the budget planning procedure – inventory planning. This involves taking into consideration all the everyday items that you plan to move to your new home. Your list might include clothes, precious articles, furniture, decorative pieces, glassware, and kitchenware. Double-check all of your items before sending them to the moving vehicle and conduct a de-cluttering spree if possible.

Tip: The number of items that you would move would ultimately affect your moving budget, so do that cautiously. Include only what is needed and discard everything else from your list.

  1. Work out a moving strategy

The next step in line is doing some groundwork before reaching out to approach the moving professionals. For this, all you need to do is to discuss things beforehand with the team so that they can suggest quotations along with a tentative moving budget. These provided estimates are calculated after consideration of several factors that depend on the items that you are planning to move.

Note: You shall be getting an idea of the entire moving cost where the professional team will provide you a base moving fee, additional fee for moving specialty items (fragile and delicate items), and a moving insurance fee. These charges do vary for the different movers and you can make use of the cost calculators given on the website to have a clear idea of your moving charges so you can plan your budget well.

  1. Scope for additional charges

Once you have an idea of the estimated costs for your upcoming move, this is time for you to look for prominent costs that can further raise your budget. Although, these charges are not plainly mentioned or given to the customer upfront, eventually adds up by the end of the move or even abruptly. So, it is better to design your moving budget in respect of that. The charges are:

Moving truck costs: This expense often goes overboard and, it is important for you consider that in your budget. See your distance and the best possible route for the same. Also, make a proper assessment of your items so you know which truck size you should opt for.

Storage facility costs: This cost often goes overlooked because not every customer opts for the facility. If you are someone with a generous amount of goods that you wish to toss into the storage units, you may be required to pay a certain fee for the same. Generally, these units are chosen if you choose for additional spaces during the duration of your move.

Transportation costs: No matter how cautiously you budget, transportation costs might multiply if for some reason, the driving routes are altered or in some cases, a distinct lengthy route is chosen for the move. So, planning accordingly is the key. You can keep some additional finances handy because you might them at any point in time.

Note: Although these charges are mentioned in the budget plan provided by the moving team you can still keep in mind that relocations are expensive and there could be chances of uncertainty or shortfall. The above-mentioned charges would help you to have a hint of how cost-effective or expensive your move turns out to be.

  1. Preparing a security deposit

The final and one of the major steps in calculating your moving day budget is this monetary amount. While planning your moving strategy and subsequently your budget, you should put some money aside to cater to your everyday expenditures. This sum would help you tackle the abrupt expenditures and other costs that might crop up amidst your move, or even a few days after you have shifted to your new location.

  1. Schedule of your move

This factor might not seem to be as important as the remaining ones but it is certainly one of the prime aspects that can affect your moving budget. The time of the year you choose to move in and the distance of your move – both play an important part to calculate your moving day budget.

Note: For instance, if you make a summer move, your moving costs would be higher. Also, moving in disturbing weather conditions make the move expensive as such moves are not easy! Similarly, the distance of your move would also affect your moving expenditure. Long-distance and international relocations tend to be costly and it is advised that one should have a well -structured budget and extra funds ready to ensure the move is not hampered in any way!

Therefore, these were some of the major aspects to look into if you are planning to design a moving budget for your next move. Remember, how you choose to keep track of your finances and save money along the way, decides how cost-effective your move remains. These above-mentioned factors are ideal to consider if you wish to make a difference in your moving experience, by cautiously deciding your finances and approaching an experienced team of movers and packers in Punjab.

Primary Things to Consider When Relocating With Family


Are you planning to shift from Delhi to Mumbai? Well, then it must be difficult for you to deal with the packing and preparations ahead of your moving day. Relocating to a new city is indeed difficult, especially when your kids are also involved. You have to plan and work out a lot of things – all of which make it a challenging job. So, to ensure that your moving day remains casual and easy-going, we have put together this in-depth guide to help you pack and move effortlessly! Plus, if you have professional support from the packers and movers in Delhi, you can deal with the chaos and troubles of the moving day!

The reason why you should choose professional movers…

The experts of packing and moving segments are well-versed with the techniques and procedures to manage even the most complicated shifting day tasks. You can come across some really good moving companies that offer high-quality shipment services at standardized rates. All you are required to do is look for the best moving companies operating in Delhi to shortlist a few as per your requirements.

Once you request free quotes, discuss your shipment needs with them and prepare a moving budget accordingly, you can get ahead with your plan. Read the terms and conditions and other clauses before signing up for a moving plan. You can also use the online cost calculators to have an estimate of your moving day cost, plus added costs (if any).

In this blog post, we shall cover some of the most important steps that you can keep in mind while relocating to a new city.

• Prepare for your upcoming moving day…

What to consider when moving with family?

When it is not only about yourself, but your family, you should set aside ample time to prepare and keep things in order. It is advised that you should take a few days off from work to research the new place. It is not only about house hunt but also about the neighborhood you shall move to. Always choose a place that is ideally connected to the prime locations of the new city. Schools, colleges, parks, shops, medical stores, parking lots, bus stands should be within access.

• Ensure your new home has everything

Shifting to a new apartment would be manageable if it is well equipped with the necessary services. That is, the basic amenities like uninterrupted power supply, water flow, security assistance should be easily accessible. All of these should be considered before your move. If you have not transferred your utilities to the new address, make sure you do that before leaving your old place so that you can live conveniently in the new home.

Since you are moving with children, make sure there are good schools and colleges among other lively places like amusement parks and playgrounds. Moreover, you should also ensure the schools provide efficient bus service facilities to and from your neighborhood.

Now, let’s proceed to the packing procedure…

Although your packing process would be accomplished by the expert movers you would certainly have a few tasks to fulfill on your end. So, make sure you work out everything from sorting out your stuff to de-cluttering them so that you are left with only the needful items for packing.

Beginning your packing process would undoubtedly be tough but to ensure that everything happens effortlessly, here are a few tips and tricks that you can consider while getting into your moving day preparations.

• Design your moving inventory

Once you have an idea of the items you are moving to your new home, you should prepare a moving checklist of the items. Write the moving costs alongside the items so that you know how much you would be paying for your move. Making a list of items organizes your move and helps you keep a close track of your goods and possessions during the transit and also after your move.

While you prepare your moving checklist, ensure you go room to room, and every possible space in your home to gather all your items to be moved.

• Prepare your kids for the final day

The next major task is to let your kids know about your moving decision. Remember, shifting could be stressful for your young ones, so you should talk to them and tell them exciting reasons to move. Involve them in your discussions and create enthusiasm by asking them about their new room at the new home. Let them choose the color of their room and where do they wish to see their play section.

You can also a small party for your kids before moving out by inviting all his close friends and dear ones. After moving to the new place, ensure you give ample time to them so that they can adjust to the change easily.

• Prepare your essential documents

Since you are making an interstate move, you should prepare all your important documents and also an essentials bag. Carry all your IDs, license, passport, house and vehicle papers, legal documents, etc. Whereas you’re moving essential bag should have toiletries, extra pair of clothes, sanitizer, soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, first aid kit, mobile, and laptop chargers. You should also carry an extra kit for all your kids’ items. If you have babies, pack their diapers, toys, extra clothes, and water bottle.

Closing Note

Settling in a new home, in a new city is both tough and overwhelming. But, with the expert assistance of the movers and packers in Delhi, you can execute your moving in a smooth, simple way and in a short span of time. Adjusting to a new environment and a changing society takes time, so you can spend some time with your children and help them in exploring more about the new city Mumbai.

Money-Saving Tips for Your Forthcoming Move

Moving is undeniably an expensive affair. Irrespective of how well designed your moving plan seems to be, you do face a tough time dealing with the finances. So, it is ideal to incorporate all the possible expenses into your moving day budget while you are planning it - for instance, the packing costs, haul costs, crating costs, storage costs, transportation charges, insurance costs, express delivery fee, and other additional charges like the hidden fees, and charges for handling specialty items and heavy goods, etc. – all of which tends to shoot up your moving day budget and thereby, making your relocation an expensive affair. But, these days you can deal with this problem in a few simple steps – all you need to do is follow these top money-saving tips while you are planning for your upcoming move from Delhi to Chennai.

In case, you wish to do that under the expert’s supervision and guidance, great! There are proficient packers and movers in Delhi, who can help you with your moving day budget planning with some amazing money-saving tips, whenever you want.


As discussed above, in order to conduct a cost-effective move, you will need to come up with a smart, financial management system, where every step would be worked out in a way that seems lighter on your pocket! It is like when you have a convincing moving budget in place and adequate time to focus on your moving day preparations, everything becomes sorted! The only thing that is required is the proficient services of the top packers and movers in Delhi who will take care of your entire moving Delhi to Chennai moving journey in the most appropriate way.

if you are willing to go for a cost-effective relocation plan, then this blog post is for you!

  1. Day by day moving plan

Planning well in advance can save a lot of money – as you will travel lighter, with only the needful items. So, before you proceed further, you should focus on simplifying your bigger tasks by breaking them into smaller ones and deal them one at a time. This would save you from stress and help you tackle any last-minute worries.

Once you complete a task, simply tick that off from your to-do list. This way you shall wrap up your priority tasks at hand and will be left with only those that can be closed around the move date. To keep things sorted, prepare a list of the tasks you need to finish immediately, so you can focus on other things too. This way, you shall be able to manage the abrupt costs that often arise at the final moment.

  1. Discard unnecessary items

As discussed in the first point, removing the useless items from your moving pile would make your move cost-effective. So, purge your rarely used items as your prepare to pack. Make sure you do not pack everything that you come across, as it will ultimately make your move heavy and expensive. So, whether you have old clothes or books, utensils, or furniture, you should run a de-clutter cycle to discard or donate the items that you don’t need again.

  1. Pack as much as you can for your move

No matter whether you have experts hired for your move or not, there’s always something in our moving lot that we can pack and prepare on our own, providing we start with some time in our hands and the needful packing supplies at our place. This way you shall be able to save your packing costs to some extent by paying only the required amount to the movers, for tackling only a certain section of your goods. Most of the time, the moving companies charge you an amount simply for moving your specialty items or heavy objects in your place. This is something you can do yourself too, so rather than paying people for simply filling in your moving boxes, you can tackle some of the packing tasks on your own and save money for the better.

  1. Always ask for fixed prices rather than estimations

We choose to go with quotations and estimations while signing up for a moving deal, but it is advised that you should always collect fixed prices from the moving companies, rather than going with elusive quotes for your move. For that, you should mention the specifications of your move to the moving company and see what their rates and prices are. Read the terms, conditions, and other procedures carefully and make sure to look for hidden charges, (if any) so that you know how much to pay them.

  1. Hire a moving container for your moving project

This is one of the best money-saving tips that you can follow. In general, people look for moving trucks and professional movers to do away with the packing and moving of their goods and valuables. But, you can choose to go with a moving container while you are shopping around for options over the internet. Why? Because these moving containers are usually left at your location several days prior to the shifting day, so you can fill them up with your moving goods, and arrange them as per your choice.

On the final day, this moving container is loaded within a moving vehicle/truck which then reaches your destination within the specified date. Customers are given ample time to unload their objects from the moving container and arrange them at their place. This saves your budget from going overboard as you do not have to pay the professionals for the job.


The process of moving to a new city or a new town is often a costly deal. There are a lot of small and big expenses that one has to take care of throughout the entire move. If you are looking for some smart, money-saving tips for the same, this comprehensive article is certainly for you! It discusses some of the most amazing ways you can opt for, to save money on your upcoming move. Moreover, if you have the top experienced movers and packers in Delhi, overcoming the moving day would surely be an easy job.

How to Plan an Office Move in Chennai?

Planning to move your business from Chennai? Well, packers and movers in Chennai will definitely provide you with the best service to make your move successful. Over the years, a business has to face many challenges. And, an office move is one of the biggest challenges that a company and its employees faces.

Packing everything, transported to a new place and working day and night so that it can cover the downtime you are going to have when the process has begun. There are a lot of things that are supposed to be planned, managed and done, in a very time frame. The reality is that the faster a corporate move gets completed the sooner things resume to normal.

An office move has to be planned months before the move as it is a lengthy process. Here are a few ways to plan your corporate move:

First things first

Review the lease agreement of the current commercial property. If you are planning to leave early and there is anything about the clause of leaving early then you might have to deposit the amount mentioned in the agreement. Read the agreement carefully. You might also be responsible if there has been any damage or breakage done to the space.

Communicate and Notify

Once you have decided on everything then it is important to communicate this internally and externally about your relocation.

• Notify the manager or the owner of the property about your intentions to move out.

• Make an announcement in the office and tell your employees about the moving date and the new corporate office.

• Also, inform your clients about the dates when the office will be non-operational due to the move

• Brief your IT department about everything and ask them what all they require to set up the server at the new address

Main contacts you need to send notice for address change:

• Insurance company

• Telephonic company

• Your internet service provider company

• Accounts department

• Banks

• People outsourced for work

• Accounts department

Delegate the Responsibility

Undoubtedly, moving is a big distraction, so it is important to pay attention to your work to keep the productivity high. You can appoint one responsible person from the office as the “moving manager”. He/she will be responsible for all the keys related to relocation. This won’t bring down the productivity and at the same time the work of relocation will also not suffer.

Assess the needs and wants of your company

• Ask your employees if there is anything which they want to have in their new office to increase the productivity.

• Have a deep understanding about the needs and wants of your employees so that their expectations can be managed.

• Ask your employees if there is any special request regarding the noise level, meeting space, technology or hardware.

Create a detailed inventory

Make a list of all the office furniture and office equipment in the current place. It will help you determine the things that you actually need to move to the new business office. Also, the list will help you to check the items while unpacking.

Create a floor plan so that you can use it to get the estimate about the measures of the furniture that can fit in the available space and office doors. It will also help you to make a decision regarding what to move to the new office and what to leave behind.

Other Preparations

• Sign the official papers and formalities

• Have a word with the security and elevator service regarding the moving day

• Arrange for a cleaning service for the moving day

• Assign a number or code to all your employees to allot them the desk accordingly

• Make a list of emergency contact numbers involved in the move

• Place orders of new furniture and stationery items, if required.

One week before moving day

When there is just 1 week left before the moving day and things start becoming bit chaotic. You still have to remain calm and keep working on your moving checklist

• Call your movers to confirm if everything is fine and they will be arriving on the discussed date and time

• Make sure your new office is also ready with all the utilities, internet facility, telephone lines and security system.

• Ask your employees to take all the personal stuff from their desk or lockers and then they can bring them straight to the new office location

• Arrange for a professional cleaning company to clean your current office completely

Making the move

When the moving day arrives, you should feel well-prepared for the day. Luckily, the packers and movers of Chennai will take the toughest tasks – packing all the furniture, all sensitive IT equipments, loading them into their moving truck, transporting them to the new office location and then unpacking and setting up the things.

• Set all your computers and tech equipment

• Handover the keys, keycards and locker keys of new office to your employees

• Make sure you are present at the place where the packers are unpacking in your new office

• Encourage your employees to personalize their own work areas

Congratulate yourself for a successful corporate move! It’s time to pause and celebrate with your employees!

6 Essential Things to Do After Moving To a New Place

Welcome to your new home! Don’t you get the feeling of disorientation when you move to a new city? When packers and movers in Delhi have helped you with the process of relocation and you are just left with your personal work, you keep on tickling your head because you have absolutely no idea what things you are supposed to do after a move.

The period of post-relocation should also be systematic as you have to live a life for the coming years at that place only. Here is the checklist to do after you have relocated to your new home. One of the most important things to do after the move is to organize your time the right way so that you don’t have to deal with any stress or confusing situations.

Here are some of the most essential things that you should do post-move:

• Organize time after relocation

The time of your post-move starts as soon as you step into your new house. Perhaps you would feel relaxed when you have moved and everything is arranged at their places and the hurdles of the move are finally over.

Unfortunately, due to the bunch of things that you have to do after shifting to your new house are just waiting for you. The truth is that you don’t have much time to lie down and relax. If you don’t organize the post-relocation time now, then you will have to suffer later.

Make a to-do list that contains the tasks you have to do when your relocation is over.

Get down to work!

• Learn the new things about your new home

Set on an exploratory tour around the residence as you are new to your new home territory. Check if there are any leaks or damages that are pre-existing, check if there is any infestation so that you can get it repaired because it can spread in every part of your house. Also, check for the reading of water and electricity meters.

If you have a small child at home then it is important to check if there are any places that are not safe for him/her. For instance, the gap between the railings, drawers that he/she can open and might end up hurting his/her own finger, arrange for bed guards if the beds are quite high and there is a risk to fall for the child. Check the locks and latches of doors and windows.

• Change your address

Regardless of whether you have relocated to the neighboring town, relocated to a new city, or moved cross country, the address is supposed to be changed. It is important to get your address changed as soon as possible otherwise you will keep on receiving your important mails and everything on the old ones only.

Out of all the work that you need to do after you have shifted to a new house, the work of getting the address changed should not be left for later. It should be done as soon as possible.

By any chance, you are late, then take the contact details of your new owners or rentals and send them some money so that they can forward your mails until your address changes.

• Take your child’s admission as a priority

If you have moved with your child who is school going or college going then you consider his/her admission on a priority basis to continue their education. The school you choose for your child should have everything so that he/she can get the best possible education.

Try to take suggestions from the people at your work, from your neighbors, read the reviews online, and then shortlist at least five schools to be visited. Set some deadlines for the same and start filling the forms of the best and affordable schools.

Make sure that the school is not very far from your house because if the school is far then it takes time for the child to reach home in the afternoon and then he/she hardly gets time to play, eat, self-study or sleep.

• Health care providers

The stress of the recent move can definitely affect your body and you never know how your body is going to react to the new environment of the new city. It is important to find a family physician for you and your family and if you have a pet then find a vet for it as well. Here also you should welcome the recommendations that come from different people in the vanity.

Always keep your specific medical needs in mind while looking for a doctor and make sure you make the right choice between the primary doctor and a specialized doctor. Experience is also something that matters a lot when you are looking for a doctor. Also, carry your medical history with you when you go to a doctor as there are many medical terms that we don’t know and only doctors understand them.

• Make some new friends

Relocating to your new home can be hard for everyone. The side effect of the move is a phenomenon which is known as separation anxiety. Moving away from your friends and family makes you depressed. Also, at that time you don’t know anyone in the city.

Making new friends in the city or in the neighborhood will definitely help you to settle down quickly in the new environment. Also, you can spend some time with your colleagues after work so that you are able to interact more with the people over there. Join some club, gym or learn a new language or take lessons to learn something, you might find friends there who share the same interests as you.

You will gradually settle down at your new place and adapt to the new environment. At the same time, do the tasks that are important to be completed on a priority basis. Movers and Packers Delhi has professionally trained teams that can help you in the process of relocation.

Common mistakes to avoid while moving during Corona

Are you moving during COVID? We understand that some moves are essential and they cannot be delayed till further notice. Certainly, there is a number of ways that can assure that you go through the safest move possible that too with the most trusted packers and movers in Chennai.

To prevent the transmission of the coronavirus while moving, make sure you avoid committing the mistakes given below:

Not asking the movers about the precautionary measures that they are taking to avoid the spread of this harmful virus- Are you planning to hire a moving professional to look after your packing and moving tasks? If so, then make sure that you ask about the relevant steps that need to be taken to stop the spread of this life-risking damage. The virus commonly circulates from person to person and can even be spread by people who have asymptomatic symptoms. Due to this, it is essential to ask your moving experts about the protective measures that they are taking to protect their employees and customers as well.

Not wearing masks and gloves (PPE kit)- Whether you are hiring movers or planning for a DIY, don’t just forget to wear the protective gloves, face shields, masks, etc. This will help you to prevent you from bringing the virus to enter your home. Additionally, to wearing PPE kits, make sure to keep a proper distance between yourself and the moving executives.

Not washing/sanitizing hands at regular intervals- Washing and disinfecting hands is the only best thing to prevent the spread of a viral infection. And don’t forget to wash hands and hang the paper towels in the bathroom and near kitchen sinks.

While relocating home, it’s also a good idea to offer hand sanitizers for everyone who enters your home. Ask moving professionals to sanitize hands before touching the packing boxes such as door handles, stairs, etc.

Not initiating your movers for a physical survey of goods- Thinking of appointing a professional moving company? Ask if the movers can perform a virtual survey of goods rather than in-house i.e. physical examination. In this era where social distancing is mandatory, you should avoid having people inside your home. Most of the moving experts should be able to accept his request. Virtual surveys could take the tour of your room easily, or you can send a pre-recorded video of your stuff that you can send the movers. Also, they are a safe alternative to a home inspection especially when the virus is at its peak.

Taking packing supplies and boxes from other people- You might be aware that the coronavirus remains on the surfaces including cardboard material for a few days. So, it is quite obvious that it is not a safe time to gather boxes from anybody else; you don’t know how they must have kept the boxes, what precautions they are taking, etc. Also, you must ignore buying boxes from the local shops that lack in marinating hygiene. Before buying make sure the shop you are considering is taking care of the required precautions to stay safe from the coronavirus.

Not sanitizing your moving vehicle- Based on the current situation, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to remaining secure and protecting your health during COVID-19. If you have planned to hire or rent a local moving truck, we suggest you cleanse or sanitize the handles, steering, and the surface where you will keep the goods during movement. You should also ask the truck rental company whether they sanitize their trucks after performing every move undertaken by them or not.

Not remembering to cleanse or disinfect after your move- Once the movers and packers have left your place, or you are done with the unloading part of all the packed boxes, make sure to clean all the surfaces of your home. We also suggest you perform a deep cleanse before unpacking stuff to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus to zero. From mopping and replacing dirty filters with clean ones, cleaning home is the perfect way to kill germs present on the surface as well in the air.

Not asking about the truck company about the practices followed- Have you planned to hire a moving truck for a do-it-yourself move? Ensure to ask the moving representatives for the details about the truck rental company’s practices that are followed during COVID.

Greeting new neighbors- Well, with a new place, you will definitely get the new neighbors. Keep in mind that you should practice social distancing. A normal hello would be sufficient because of the common reason i.e. coronavirus. After all, your new friends could not fail into high risk due to their age or pre-existing health disorders.

Not delaying your relocation if you are not feeling well- You are not well? What are the symptoms you are facing? Did you get in touch with the medical or health expert yet? If you have symptoms of COVID then you must quarantine yourself as soon as possible. Delay your move without delaying your moving process to avoid coming in contact with some other people.

Not informing movers about your quarantine period- You may forget to inform your movers if you are isolated but don’t do that. Packers and movers in Chennai have so many consignments to move and if you don’t inform them about the cancellation then they might have to go through a huge loss. Therefore, for your sake and movers too, it is advisable to inform them about your health conditions.

Pro tip- While the movers arrive at your place to perform packing and moving tasks it is better to let them sit inside a single room. For this, create a packing area where only the moving executives are allowed. This will keep your family members and movers separate which will automatically make you and your surroundings free from viruses or risks. This is very beneficial if you have kids also indulged in your moving process.

Happy moving!

Top benefits of hiring a professional mover

Home relocation can be thrilling. However, the process of packing and relocating to a new city and unpacking is not as easy as people think. Thus, hiring Agarwal movers to perform the packing and moving tasks is much viable and a much better alternative rather than doing it yourself. And today in this article, s simple fact that movers make relocation feasible will be proved. Read further to know the top advantages that one can avail on appointing them.

Hiring expert movers will make your relocation easier. Not only it is a cost-effective process but also it will ensure that all your goods are safe.

  1. Secure packing and moving- Pros of hiring are large in numbers! More than the move itself, the main thing while relocating is packing your stuff this can stress you out. Hiring professional service will ensure that your furniture, appliances, antiques, etc are protected. They use proper cushioning and wrapping material for packing a different variety of articles. They also pack it in such a way that it covers the least possible space in the moving truck. In addition to this, they pack and move all your fragile goods with extra care. On reaching your desired destination, the team will unload the boxes and help you out with unpacking stuff. You can get your heavy furniture and major appliances set up without hiring help later.

  2. Tension-free- Packing to relocate to a new home can ruin and badly affect your daily routine. Whereas appointing a moving company would help. Cautious packing and moving of goods will save a lot of your time and days that you would have spent on packing and relocating your belongings.

If you are relocating within the same city, you may only need a few hours to supervise the whole process. On your moving day, you can afford to relax and not worry about thinking about the safety of your goods. While relocating to a new city, you can reach there with a free mind before you need to worry about unpacking stuff. You can provide them with a date that will make sure that you can get your new home ready before your goods truck reaches destination. Once you unpack everything, you can start by rearranging your valuables at their proper place. Also, this will allow you to get back to your normal working routine on time.

  1. Extremely affordable- Most of the people have made up their mind that hiring a professional would cost them more but that is not the reality. Have you ever thought if the amount of money that a person spends while planning a DIY? If not then let me tell you, moving yourself can cost you more as it involves, collecting and buying packing material, renting of local laborers to pack and load your stuff, and hiring a local truck that doesn’t even provide protection to your goods. There is no guarantee of safety which can even cost you a lot more or there are certain cases where people do not even get their stuff back. Also, moving alone will make you tired and exhausted. However, hiring reputed movers and packers is the better option for all the aspects. And when you add the expenses of broken items, also they will make your moving costs lesser – both financially and mentally.

  2. Insurance coverage of goods- Well known moving companies facilitates risk coverage for each item that they transport. You can stay calm regarding the safety of your precious belongings as they would have a safety shield. And if by chance something gets damaged due to any unforeseen reasons such as accidents, political conflicts, and other circumstances are beyond human control, a customer has the authority to file a claim against the damages occurred. They settle claims within a few days.

The main fact associated with hiring a mover is that if have hired them the reason is the risk coverage that comes along and it is extremely true.

  1. Warehousing and storage- The need for goods storage arises when you have to move to a longer distance, or you are getting a well-furnished home at the new place where you are planning to reside. In such situations, you look for storage options to make sure that your goods remain safe and sound till you have planned to withdraw them. Additionally, arranging for warehousing services can be quite difficult. Safety is a priority too. But with expert moving vendors, all your goods will be packed and kept together at a place that is equipped with complete security arrangements.

  2. Partial packing of goods- At times, you relocate in steps. You may go and get a new home ready before your family moves in. In some situations, you may move alone while your family stays behind at your current address. This is common as a move might disturb your child’s routine and college schedule. An expert moving company offers the option for partial packing and transport of your goods without interrupting your other goods and yes plans too. This makes the whole process of move stress-free.

  3. On-time delivery- They never fail to meet the deadlines set up by their valuable customers. They assure safe and on-time delivery of goods by delivering your precious belongings on the committed date and time.

  4. Part load shipment of goods- To ease the relocation process for the people who wish to relocate less number of items they offer the facility of part load movements. It means people who want to ship goods at similar destinations are given an opportunity to get their goods transferred at low prices as they are packed and loaded in the same vehicles. This is known to be a big relief for the customers.

If you have to relocate to a new place or there is an upcoming plan then you can surely get in touch with Agarwal packers and movers. They are professionally trained crew members who can tackle all your needs and make sure you go through a hassle-free relocation.