List of Necessities to Pack in Your Moving Day Essentials Kit!

Moving is all about secured packing and intact shipment of goods. Well, everyone knows that. But there is one thing that has to be there irrespective of the long or short distance you are moving. It is the essentials kit. Isn’t it? Can you imagine your next move from Jamshedpur to Kanpur without the overnight bag or essentials kit we are talking about? Sure, you cannot! So, in case you do not know how you can concoct that bag before the packers and movers in Jamshedpur arrive at your place, make sure you give this article a thorough read.

Here, we shall be discussing all that you need to prepare your essentials bag and how you can get that ready before you step out of your current place of stay! We will start from step one and then gradually move onto the further steps that will help you to enjoy your transit journey and the forthcoming move into your new home pretty easily!

So, let’s begin:

• Step – 1 – Choose a suitable bag

You know for many people, it is this essentials bag that they love packing. Even a simple thought of move excites us and just as we get ourselves a handy bag ready ahead of any picnic or outing, this moving day essentials bag does the same job but the only difference is that you have to be a bit more careful and sensible towards all that you pack in it. So, choose a convenient duffle bag size that would fit in all the moving day essentials easily and would be manageable enough to keep along during the moving journey.

• Step – 2 – Start with packing basics

Now when you have the bag, you can start with putting the basic items that you think you would need over the entire moving journey. Remember, the bag you pick up for packing essentials is sizeable enough to hold the elementary items of not just you but of your family members. Well, they can also have their bags for the purpose, but if you are just a family of 2-3 members, a single bag is enough to keep your essentials together in one place. Start by packing clothes, toiletries, towels, and anything that pops on your mind at the moment.

• Step – 3 – Get your food/snack ready

While deciding your meals, you need to ideally think of both the times when you will have your food – first, before leaving for the moving journey, and secondly, during the transit course. On a moving day, it is better if you keep your meals simple yet wholesome so you stay fuller for longer, but without feeling heavy and bloated. You can even find some amazing moving day meal ideas on the internet that are quick to make. Besides, do not forget to pack fruits, energy bars, nuts, sandwiches, rolls, biscuits, some refreshing drinks too, so your stomach isn’t empty and you remain energetic throughout!

• Step – 4 – Pack all essential devices

By this time, you might have realized that packing an essentials kit isn’t a child’s play. Until and unless you are not clear of what all you need to pack for the move, you might remain confused till the last minute. So, have a plan for that. Now, it comes to packing the essential electronic items/tools that you will need for the journey – for example, power bank, mobile and laptop chargers, spare batteries, earphones, or headphones so the journey doesn’t feel long and boring, torch, cords, cables, etc.

• Step – 5 – Do not forget the medical kit

You or someone else in your family might be on regular medication and it becomes paramount to take care of the medical needs while on the go! Also, keeping the basic medications along is a sensible way to deal with any kind of emergency that happens due to some health problem. Therefore, carrying the necessary pills for fever, headache, pain, nausea, etc. is a must. Along with that, you can carry pain relief ointments or warm gel bags for a quick respite from pain and uneasiness.

• Step – 6 – Pack bedding supplies

Regardless of whether you have your bookings done with the hotels or lodges for your short-term halt and that you will get all the stay-in essentials and supplies from them, it is very important to carry your bedding. This will let you and your family gets a comforting sleep if in case you are not provided with the necessities from the accommodation authorities. Even if you are not taking breaks in your journey, and not planning to stay at any hotel, carrying the essential bedding materials like bed-sheet, comforter, pillows or cushions, etc. would help! You can pull them out to take a quick nap along the journey while in the car.

• Step – 7 – Have clothes for change

Nobody knows what lies in store for them and when it comes to moving, it is better to keep yourself well prepared with the basic items – from food supplies to bedding, or clothing to inner garments. Have a separate soft bag where you can pack extra clothing for each one of your family members and have at least 2-3 night-wears depending on the days you are going to spend in the transit. Make sure the clothes you pack are comfortable, breathable, and easy to put on.

• Step – 8 – Keep basic supplies handy

When you are done with the packing of your clothes, food supplies, and other essentials, you shall be left with some other significant items. You will need some provisions for the on-the-move meals – for example, plastic dishes, cups, glasses, tissue papers, toilet paper, extra trash bags, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, etc. Keep some old newspaper, a pair of scissors, safety tape, knife, and adhesive just in case there is some need.

Moving essentials bags should not be messy at all. Depending on all that you want to take along, you need to pick up a size for your bag so that every essential item in your essentials list gets a place in that. Make sure you prepare this bag before the movers and packers in Jamshedpur reach your place.

Top 8 Simple Ways to Unpack and Organize After A Move!

What do you think is the most challenging part of relocations? Is it the initial phase when you pack and prepare your belongings or when you unpack and organize everything once the shifting task is accomplished? Well, ideally both the tasks are quite hectic and if you are someone relocating from Gurgaon in the next few weeks, executing everything alone, without the assistance from the packers and movers in Gurgaon could be a major hassle. So, make sure you book them and breathe easy!

In this article, we would primarily talk about how you can unpack the delivered packages and organize them in your place sensibly.

• Keep your calm during the process

If you are looking out for unpacking efficiently, just the way you performed all your packing tasks before the move, you must keep yourself calm. Often in the packing and moving mess and stress, it is quite easy to let loose of your track. So, take time out to plan how you are going to unpack and manage stuff after you reach your new home. Though if you book a team of moving professionals beforehand, you can manage the settlement of the post-move goods pretty easily, but still, if you want everything to take place as per your plan, start early.

• Follow a smart unpacking formula

To have a smooth and organized unpacking and organization, you should take care of how you want to do it. Which rooms do you want to set up first and how you are going to do it? Once you have that plan in mind, managing all the piles of moving cartons shall not even matter! This is when you need to take out your moving inventory so you can refer to it to find out which cartons contain essentials and which cartons carry your kitchen items and bedding materials. Avoid unpacking every carton on the first day; you will have ample time to tackle the less important cartons later.

• Unpack all the essential items first

It is quite normal to undo the boxes of necessities before moving to the rest of the moving cartons. So, make sure you refer to the name labels on each of the boxes before you open them. Ideally, you would require setting up your washroom, the kitchen space, and your bedroom first so you can at least enjoy some comfort in your new home on the first day of your move. So, establish your bathroom first by arranging the toiletries and cleaning supplies. Next, move to the kitchen items moving carton to unpack the basic cooking tools and utensils, and finally, prepare your bedding so you can have a peaceful sleep.

• Get utility objects installed timely

If you have opted for full-service movers, and have booked door-to-door relocation assistance, no need to worry about complicated items like furniture and appliances. All of your electronics and appliances like a desktop computer, gaming station, geyser, microwave oven, smart screen TV, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. require specialized handling during installation. So, make sure your moving team does all those tasks before leaving your place. If you can manage, you can organize the furniture by yourself with the help of your family members but make sure all the complicated, delicate possessions are dealt with by the professionals only.

• Time to start doing rooms /spaces

Now the foremost thing you must look forward to, once the experts have left is to make at least some of your most-used spaces/rooms functional. If you wish to start with your bedroom, go ahead, and do that. If you want to set up your kitchen section before any other area as you need to prepare meals, then unpack the required kitchen essentials and make sure the major kitchen appliances like the gas stove, refrigerator, chimney, and microwave oven are installed appropriately and are working. But avoid doing anything randomly but address your priorities first.

• Tackle open areas and living room for last

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should unpack and organize with a strategy, and for that, you should arrange your living room, the guest room, the backyard, and other miscellaneous areas of your new home at last. These are the areas that could be managed at your ease and your own pace, once you have moved into your new home. But here is a tip, if you have got your indoor and outdoor plants transported, make sure they have been brought out in the light and your open household space. Water them and see if they look fine. Lay the carpets and doormats, hang the antiques and artifacts in their appropriate places, arrange your books and office supplies in the correct place. Unpacking and organizing your new home would take time, so unpack a little amount of stuff every day to manage to unbox conveniently.

• Take care of household cleanliness

All this while, you should also take care of the sanity of your new home. Unpacking boxes and cartons creates a lot of mess and trash around as there are piles of opened cardboard boxes, litters of packing paper, and bubble wraps lying everywhere around you. What you need to do is, once a particular section/space of your household is set up; throw away the trash that has been made. This way you will have a clear counter to take care of the rest of your moving cartons. At times, when there is too much mess around, people end up losing their stuff mistakenly as they end up considering everything around like trash.

• Last but not least – the storage

After you have unpacked the majority of your items, you shall be left with only the garage stuff or miscellaneous items that you have brought with you. Storage areas like attics, extra rooms, terrace rooms, etc. should be organized in a way that you can find all the needful stuff handy and the best way you can organize these items is by arranging them bit by bit.

The process of unpacking certainly takes time but if you stick to a few organizational tips and book the packers and movers in Gurgaon, unpacking would be simple and fun!

10 moving tips to remain safe while moving

The moment you opt to maneuver to or from Chandigarh, you ought to get right down to work directly because there are tons of things expecting you out there.

But you would like to recollect it's important to remain safe throughout the move. Things are going to be fine as long as your family is safe.

Even if you hire packers and movers Chandigarh, you'll need to lookout of the security of you and your relations .

The house moving process is usually both stressful and expensive. to form matters worse, moving from one house to a different also can be a dangerous endeavor, especially on Moving day when its notorious uncertainty could cause a couple of unexpected surprises.

The process of moving a home is stressful and expensive at an equivalent time. Money is vital but you ought to always remember that yours and your family’s health is your priority, come what may. that's the rationale safety comes first while moving to a replacement home.

  1. invite help

If you're planning your move without the assistance of any moving organization then don’t take everything on yourself because moving is all about lifting, loading and unloading heavy possessions. you can't take the danger of doing all of it on your own, you'll get injured and spoil the happiness that's in your family as you're moving to a replacement house.

  1. Plan each and each step carefully

It is vital to plan each and each step before getting started. this may keep you going and also prevent yourself from any quite accidents on the large day.

  1. Use good quality of moving boxes and secure them properly

Make sure the moving boxes you employ are capable enough to withhold the load of the possessions you pack in them. Don’t forget to examine each and each cardboard before packing your valuable items in them. If you're using old boxes then use only those which don’t have any signs of pre-existing damage.

If you're packing heavy items in any of the boxes then it's vital to secure them with the assistance of combat rock bottom of every container. So, that there's no chance to be worried about any quite breakage from the cartons carrying your items.

  1. Buy enough packing supplies

It would be a drag for you if you skimp on packing supplies because that material is ultimately getting to be wont to protect your valuable belongings. If you don’t use them sufficiently them the probabilities of finding items broken or cracked at the time of unpacking increases.

  1. Don’t make your boxes too heavy to be lifted

If you create your boxes too heavy then lifting them will become very difficult. If you are trying to lift them then there are chances that you simply are going to be resting on bed on subsequent day of the move due to the backache. it might be better if you create your boxes light.

  1. Arrange for moving equipment

It is vital to move your items from your home to the moving vehicle safely. Make the utilization of necessary moving equipment like furniture dolly during which you'll keep your heavy items and simply get down through the steps to load them on to the moving vehicle.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

In order to attenuate the risks for the moving day you ought to wear the foremost comfortable clothes you've got in your closet. the material of your moving day clothes should be light weight and breathable. you'll need to do tons of labor thereon day also so it's important to baggy clothes or any quite formal clothes.

  1. Wear appropriate shoes

Make sure you choose the foremost comfortable pair of shoes for the moving day. you can't afford to trip or subside due to your footwear. If would be the simplest if you choose sports shoes, they're going to assist you to try to to up and down number of times with the needs of moving and you'll also not desire giving some rest to your legs when tons of labor is already aligned for the day.

  1. Keep your paths clear

Clear the world from which you'll be lifting the cardboard boxes and loading them on to the moving vehicle. There shouldn’t be any random boxes or disorganized clutter present within the doorway.

  1. Keep your children safe

Keep young children safe during a room that's faraway from packing and moving action. you actually don’t want to possess kids running around when large furniture items are becoming disassembled and packed.

  1. Think before doing anything

It is vital to use your own sense throughout the move so as to remain safe and healthy. sometimes little things that we don’t care about lead us to some serious problems which is that the reason to stay your eyes and ears open from the start itself.

Don’t take the charge of things that you simply cannot do alone. as an example lifting heavy cartons to be loaded on to the truck. there's tons of risk involved in it. it might be better if you think that before taking any actions. Safety comes first before anything. it's always better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Hire reliable and licensed movers

Don’t book your movers randomly. list a number of the reliable movers then invite quotes from all of them. Compare the quotes, again shortlist then finalize the one on the idea of experience, price, services and USPs. Reputed packers and movers Chandigarh provide the simplest services everywhere India you'll take a quote from them also .

Follow the following pointers to remain safe throughout the method in order that you enter the edge of your new house happily together with your family.

Have a secure and smooth move! Enjoy

Want to Pack Fragile Goods for Your Move? Read Smart Tips Here

Moving is really a daunting task that stresses out the individual owing to various time consuming and hectic activities. It is troublesome to pack the entire household within few weeks or days. We have infinite numbers of goods at our home and packing them for new destination actually needs planning and organization. If you will haphazardly and randomly put all the things in the carton, it will mess up the goods and you get all the goods in the broken condition.

To ease out your moving pain, you can simply hire professional packers and movers, who will plan your move in a better way. But, still you are planning to do it yourself then you need to tighten your shoulders and get ready with lot of planning and organization. There are articles and appliances at home that require special treatment while packing. In this blog, we are discussing about the some useful tips to pack the fragile goods like glassware, crockery set and porcelain so that they remain intact during the transportation.

Smart Tips to Pack Fragile Items for Your Next Move

  1. Make Use of Small Packing Carton

While packing the precious fragile goods for move, one should separate them into the small cartons. With this approach, these goods will remain as it is and don’t break with the pressure of heavier objects. The bigger carton will be very difficult to carry and goods can get damaged in it.

  1. Wrap Every Item Separately

Fragile goods could be any like bulbs to bone china. You need to separately wrap each piece individually as per its size and volume. All the loose items and attachment with them should be separated and wrapped in good quality bubble wrap and the insulating material.

  1. Do Not Forget to Tape the Box from the Bottom Surface

As of now, you all the fragile goods are wrapped carefully. Now, before putting them in the carton, one should tape the bottoms from the bottom layer so that it remains reinforced after keeping the goods in it.

  1. Stuff The Hollow Space

There must be hollow items at your home like bowls, vases, jars, glasses and many others. While packing these items, you should fill the hollow space with the crumpled paper to prevent damage from the jerks and jumps during the transit process.

  1. Label Your Boxes as FRAGILE

It is quite essential to mark your box as FRAGILE so that you movers team or loaders will get to know that the box contain fragile goods. You can also inform your mover’s team about these boxes as they need extra care while loading and unloading.

  1. Devote Your Proper Time in Packing

Every know moving is the stressful. One can get frustrated very easily with this chaos and strive hard to pack all the goods speedily. But, when there comes the turn to pack fragile goods, it is advised to take the proper time and adorn your new home with exclusive embellishment.

  1. Use Sturdy Packing Cartons

Before start packing your goods, firstly ensure that you have bought good quality and robust packing cartons so that your goods remain safe and secure during the transit process. We better understand the pain one faces while losing their beloved household goods during the transportation. It is advisable to arrange new cartons despite using the old ones arranged from grocery or wine shop.

  1. Keep Heaviest Item at the Bottom

You should be vigil while packing your fragile goods. While putting them in the pack cartons, keep the heavy items at the bottom of the box. To make sure that nothing is broken, pack the heaviest and largest items at the lowest of the box.

  1. Keep the Cushioning Stuff at Bottom of the Carton

One should make use of soft material like packing paper, tower or styrofoam peanut, should be kept at the bottom of all the packing cartons containing the fragile goods. It will assist you to fortify the box and provide cushioning effect for the household items.

  1. Be Cautious While Handling Fragile Goods

Now you have packed all the goods using quality material and techniques. It is the time to lift them for the transportation process. Make your moving team alert before the loading time that these cartons contain Fragile Goods and special care to be given to these items.

With this, you will be able to make your home stress-free and reliable. You can also connect with leading movers and packers, who are proficient in planning your goods movement at the affordable budget. With these professionals, you will relieve your moving stress a lot and you will get the enough time to explore your new destination.

So what are you waiting for? Next time, despite laying your stress on packing and moving, take the expert help.

8 Amazing Moving Advice to Consider When Relocating During the Rains!

Coming across abrupt scenarios and mishaps during relocation is something no one has control of. You could be someone preparing for that most awaited day of the month but could encounter a heavy downpour just the moment you are going to step out. You can call such situations an unfortunate hour but the hassle could somehow be managed if you hire the professionals from Agarwal Packers on time! Yes, this is true. When you hire moving professionals from a recognized company, you can enjoy a seamless move, even during the sudden rains.

But shifting from one place to another, during the rains could be made manageable if you pay attention to a few things and consider a few, expert advice during the initial planning period so that everything falls in place by the time the final relocation day knocks on your doors.

• Book moving professionals on time:

This is popular but general moving advice that anyone planning to relocate should take care of. Relocations are meant to be planned so that you can attend to all the pre-moving tasks timely and figure out the best packing and moving practices. When your move is somehow decided during the months of monsoon, you have to book your moving professionals early on so that they could easily be booked and also, because the experts also need to arrange for the suitable gear and equipment needed for such specific moves.

• Pay attention to the packing support:

Even if you have the moving professionals to handle the packing task, there would be certain things like the extremely fragile glassware and other delicate pieces of art and décor in your home that you would want to manage on your own because they are too valuable and can break if not attended with care. So, do that definitely but make sure you use the right packing supplies for the task. A safe and successful relocation is an outcome of first-class packing and smooth transportation of goods and if the first step is not taken care of, you might be in a huge mess. So, buy packing paper, moving blankets, plastic stretch wraps, bubble wraps, double-duty packing tapes, permanent marker, non-washable name labels – everything insufficient amount because one should not be risking their valuables during the unfavourable rainy seasons.

• Take note of the changing weather till the last day:

Although nothing much could be done even if you keep an eye on the weather when you are relocating during the monsoons because everything would already be planned and settled early on and there is no chance you can cancel the booking with your moving professionals. But, you can shift the timings. Keeping an eye on the weather would let you know of what awaits you on a moving day, so do communicate with the moving professionals early on if the forecast says heavy downpour during those days.

• Safeguard the fragile, high-value household items:

The most essential thing that bothers us when we are relocating during the rains is the wellbeing of our household goods. This makes hiring the proficient moving team from a reputed company like Agarwal Packers and Movers comes to play. So, do that and ensure your specialty items and other delicate goods like glassware, artwork, etc. are wrapped amply in packing paper, bubble wraps, moving blankets and the final coating is done with plastic stretch wraps as it will shield the cartons sufficiently from the rains.

• Attend your complicated automated and machines:

You would agree with us when we say that the appliances and electronic items in our household are more prone to risk when we are relocating during the rains. These, high-value, automated items cannot bear even the slightest of dampness or moisture around and could severely be damaged if not insulated and packed properly. So, seek online help if you are packing them on your own or let the professionals handle that. Just make sure the delicate surfaces and corners are cushioned properly, wrapped equally well and heavy-duty waterproof cartons or the original electronic boxes are brought into use.

• Be careful of yourself and your family:

When you are relocating during the rains, you have to keep a check on not just your belongings but yourself as well. Usually, the monsoons are associated with several illnesses and uneasiness and added with the stress; one is bound to be all the more affected. Common cold, cough, fever, flu, dengue are some of the ailments that your children, you, or any member of your family could encounter, so have proper medicines, sufficient instant tea and coffee sachets, and other stuff that can comfort during the disorder. Take a hot shower soon after you reach your new home so everything panicky gets washed away from your body and you feel fresh.

• Ensure every carton is properly labeled:

While the moving professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers would be there to take care of your move, you can simply bring to their attention a couple of days before the final shifting day about the scheduled move and they can come over on time if the declining weather persists. The professionals would pack everything securely because they know of all the ideal measures and protocol of a safer monsoon move but it is you who have to inspect everything that is in place. Do check the plastic wrap and the labeling of each of the moving cartons before they are loaded within the truck.

• Prepare early on the moving day:

Depending on the weather outside, you have to alter the timings of your move. If the climate is manageable, do not delay the journey. You will anyhow encounter sudden showers along the way but if the rain seems to disrupt the goods loading job, then it is better to defer the timings accordingly.

These were some of the key measures to consider while shifting homes during the rains. Be cautious, be well prepared, and look over your packages before the professionals lock them up in the moving vehicle. Try not to stress over it. Have a good time.

9 Significant Tasks One Must Not Forget While Changing Homes!

Hey! Since you’ve landed up here, we know you are on the lookout for some quick and simple guidance ahead of your move. Is that so? Well, then hold your breath and stay here until your read this entire piece full of pre-move relocation tips. But ahead of that, you have to hire the moving experts from Agarwal Packers if a house moving thought is seriously hovering over your mind and you need some help!

Now, when you have booked your ideal team of moving professionals, you are almost done because all the top, professional moving companies offer you door-to-door relocation support so that customers like you can enjoy an expedient moving experience.

The tips that we are going to talk about below or the chores that we are going to mention in this article are not impractical, nor tough, but are often missed out at the final moment. So here they are. These are pretty much simple to work out and we bet you will have a fantastic moving experience if you seriously check them out before the move.

• Not doing enough research and comparison

Let’s start with the most important task – researching and finding the right team of moving professionals. There are several renowned moving companies that you can find over the internet. All you need to do is compare and review everything efficiently and see what sort of services they are offering. Also, you should pick up a deal that fairly addresses your moving requirements and also assures the wellbeing of your goods and belongings. Stay away from hidden charges and slash rates as those would raise your moving cost.

• Not coming up with a good moving plan

Next, you should design a great relocation plan. For instance, when you shall finalize the moving date, the days you will need to prepare your household stuff, when and how you will deal with the segregated items when you would notify your office colleagues and friends about the move, and so on.

• Not confirming the new home agreement

Have you finalized your new home? Is the documentation complete? Formalities met? If you have not done that yet, make sure you do. Once you finalize your new home and also take a few days out of your schedule to pay a visit to the place, you will be on terms to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the moving day preparations. Those who are relocating to a rented property and are thinking of purchasing a home only after a while would need to stay active and look out for the available housing options with the property dealers.

• Not budgeting and preparing finances

Often in the hustle-bustle of packing and moving day preparations, one tends to miss out to check their financial stature. Conducting relocations is a costly affair and if you do not plan your budget well, you can come across a cash shortage. Moves are and have always been associated with expenses and abrupt costs, so keeping a generous amount of money aside for hiring the moving professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers could be of great help!

• Not purchasing the right moving insurance

Soon after you book your movers, you must opt for full-coverage moving insurance. Skipping your moving insurance could cost you the worth of your belongings if your moving truck gets hit by some accident or there is some serious climate disturbance. You can opt for insurance after evaluating your belongings closely because if you have a good range of expensive articles, you would be worried about their safety throughout the journey. So, purchasing full-service moving insurance is a must.

• Not giving away excess stuff before packing

If you are not de-cluttering before going for the move, you will find a lot of things pretty much unneeded in your new home, something that could have been easily avoided, otherwise. So, make sure you sort out everything before you come up with the final list of your moving inventory. From exquisite articles to furniture, crockery, and other décor items – you will have things which were never in use, nor would ever be in need and transporting all those things meets no purpose nor makes sense.

• Not preparing the moving inventory ahead

Once you evaluate every household article, and you know which ones are worth considering for your next move, make sure to prepare a moving catalogue or inventory that will list every single article of your moving load. Just like we people tend to draw lists of things to recall stuff, preparing house inventory helps a lot when you are either dealing with your insurance post the move or simply evaluating the delivered cartons at your doorstep. Keep this inventory handy and make sure to every small detail in it.

• Not safeguarding goods and belongings

Since you have booked your moving professionals, you can rest easier because there are certain things – valuables and expensive household stuff that need first-rate protection and brilliant packing. And, if by any chance your belongings do not get packed well before, chances are you might end up losing them or see them in a broken/damaged form upon their delivery. This is because undergoing the long transit distance added with jerks, jolts and upheavals often affect the goods and they do not stay intact. So, ensure 100% insulation to all your belongings.

• Not inspecting the preparations time-to-time

Most of the time, the most crucial things and the most important tasks remain unattended due to our negligence. This is a big mistake, so we should remain actively involved in the packing process and see if everything is going as desired or not. Though the professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers would settle down everything, you should at least keep an eye on their job and alongside, wrap up the last-minute tasks remaining on your end. Whether it is settling due bills or notifying service authorities.

So the next time you think of shifting homes, do not miss out to consider the above-discussed tips and have a seamless moving journey!

Ultimate Packing Tips for All the Challenging Items

If you are moving to or from Delhi then this blog will definitely help you out in packing all the tricky items for your move. If you are hiring packers and movers Delhi then there is no need to worry about anything because there experienced team of professionals know everything to pack. But if you want to execute the moving on your own then here are some of the tips.

Packing Your Mirrors and Pictures

While packing such items you need to be very careful about them because they are fragile and you have to pack them with multiple layers. The most important thing of all is to wrap all of them individually in a bubble wrap or soft cloth and then put them vertically in a sturdy and large cardboard box. When you keep them altogether then it w’ill reduce the movement during the haul. It will reduce the chances for the glass to shatter. The adding a layer of foam over the top before sealing the box will also help a lot in protection.

Ways to pack power tools

Who would want to arrive at their new house and find that their precious, expensive power tools damaged and broke? So, it is important that you remove all the detachable parts of the tool first and then use rags, corner protectors and bubble wrap to protect sharp edges. Pack all the screws and tools securely in a zip loc or a strong box, and then add some padding material in the end so that they don’t move in transit and while loading. Then add a layer of tape make sure you use good one and then surround the toolbox to keep it firmly closed.

Ways to pack your furniture

Make sure you dismantle the parts of your furniture to make things easy to lift and load. It would be best of you dismantle the items down into the smallest possible components and then wrap all the precious furniture pieces in furniture blankets in order to protect against any kind of cracks or dents. Make sure you packing your furniture hardware as well! One of our best packing tips for moving is to put the screws and nuts in a separate box or zip loc bag. This way you won’t have to look for them here and there to reassemble your furniture when you reach your new place

Packing Your Television

These flat screen television pieces are heavy and fragile, that is the reason they need careful handling. With monitors becoming very thin it is important to know how you have to lift and drop them in the box or on to the moving vehicle. Ideally the original box is the best as it is made as per the measurements of the model but if you don’t have that then you can buy another box from the store as per the measurements of your TV. Make sure the TV is loaded on to the moving vehicle where nothing heavy can be laid on top and it doesn’t move around during the haul. And bear in your mind if you have a plasma screen then try you don’t lay it face-down. This damages the screen.

Packing Your Lampshades

The best way to pack your lampshades for moving is in boxes. Make sure you wash your hands before handling lampshades; they get harsh very quickly, and remember you don’t bend them while lifting fabric shades by the wire rim. Ideally, you should pack shades of the lamp together so that they can protect each other, and then pad all the gaps with paper towel. Don’t use packing paper of plain paper as the color may come out easily. Mark the box as “fragile” it will help while unpacking.

Packing Your Mattress

Mattresses are large, hefty and prone to dust so it is important that you keep them safe throughout the move. If it is possible for you then leave your mattress in the sun for a couple of hours to be sure it’s completely dry. Also when they are kept under sun, they get rid of other undesirable particles as well. Then you can pack them with packing paper and fabric sheets.

While packing floor lamps

It is quiet difficult to pack a floor lamp on your own, it would be better if you take someone’s help. First disassemble the lamp and then wrap each part in a soft cloth or you can use the wrapping paper or bubble wrap as well. Make sure you pack and wrap the delicate bulb separately. If the lamp cannot be disassembled, remove the bulb and then cover the lamp with the help of a sheet. Try to do that with the help of a string.

Ways to pack a glass table top

It becomes very difficult to move a large table top of glass for the purpose of moving. Start by disassembling the table; make sure you pack all the screws and everything in a zip loc bag. You must lay a large blanket or a sheet on the floor. Carefully lay the glass table top onto the blanket and wrap it very securely so the padding won’t slip. Then add a sturdy piece of cardboard to each side for some extra protection, and secure it well. Make sure you don’t lay it flat on the floor.

Packing Other Odd-Shaped Items

Many of us have some or the other items at home that are not shaped properly. If you have anything of that type then make sure you pack them with multiple layers and add lots of padding material after putting them in the box.

So, these tips will definitely help you in packing all the odd shaped items and if you think that you won’t be able to do all this on your own then you should hire movers and packers Delhi for better support.

Have happy and safe move! Don’t hurry up the process you will do all of it successfully!

6 Superb Packing Tips to Safeguard Your Delicate Belongings!

Moving is hard, let us just make it easier for you! Are you someone thinking of moving from Port Blair to Pune? Is the thought of moving in the next few weeks making you awful? Are you unable to think of what you need to do, at the moment so that your move turns out great, without any hassle of damage to your belongings? Then make sure you are not moving alone, but have complete assistance from the moving experts in your region! There are professional movers from Agarwal Packers you can book at the moment because there are several formalities to take care of and a lot of research, comparison, and discussion goes behind finding that ideal moving plan, so without wasting a minute, hire a trusted moving team and then check out the points we have mentioned below to ensure your move turns out to be super smooth and without any damage!

• Prepare your potted foliage – Almost all of us have indoor plants and potted florae in our nursery which are some of the most sensitive things in our household. They are not prone to extreme weather conditions and temperatures. So, when you are preparing for the move, make sure to check on their conditions to know if they are fine. All the damaged, dried-up plants should be discarded because the long transit journey would worsen their form. Trim out the extra, wildly growing branches and leaves, keep them clean and light.

While packing these tubs, use convenient, spacious cartons or boxes. There are special plan carriers available with many moving companies and they provide your delicate plants with the needed care and ventilation during the journey.

• Avoid risking your glassware – The next most delicate items in our moving load remain our pretty collection of chinaware, porcelain, glassware, and crystal items. These are not only some of the high-value items in our collection but need ample protection and packing to be moved safely. So, if you are handling them without assistance from the experts of Agarwal Packers and Movers, make sure you have the required packing materials including bubble wraps, moving blankets, packing peanuts, soft cloth, old newspaper, plastic stretch wraps, foam sheets, etc.

To begin with the process, first, take out every single glass item from your kitchen. Removing the broken and old ones, have a look at the remaining glassware sets that you want to move. Now, wrap the items individually with a layer of bubble wraps first, then use double coats of packing paper to keep the bubble wrap intact. Tape the final coating with packing tape.

• Secure paintings and pictures – Coming to the pictures, artworks, paintings, and wall décor, you must ensure to clean the surfaces of the same first and then pack! Spread a double-layer of packing paper on an open surface, then place the item on top of it, with its front-facing the paper. You can use corner protectors to shield the poky corners because these are vulnerable. Old newspaper, or crumpled paper balls, or soft tissues could be used to add cushioning to the moving boxes carrying these items. Bubble wraps are a must to add to because they will protect the glass surface from accidental breakage during moving disturbances.

• Machines/Appliances and tools – Let’s now move to the sensitive appliances and delicate equipment that we have in our homes. There are many of them and each of them needs special handling and packing protection! So, we would advise you to seek assistance from the professional moving team you have hired from Agarwal Movers and Packers. They would ease out this struggling task and handle all other packing tasks for you! But if you are doing it, do make sure to do that carefully.

Using the original equipment or appliance box remains ideal. If you have them with you in your storeroom, use them! If not, you can always get them from the market. Customized cardboard boxes are the best to move electronic items like your smart TV, air conditioner, and appliances like your kitchen chimney and microwave oven. Their original boxes are insulated with heavy thermocol that acts as an insulation layer and protects your items from any kind of damage. Always add a coat of bubble wrap or soft cloth to the screens.

• Protect furniture and furnishings – You cannot skip packing the bulky furniture items you have at your place. Though handling them alone would be quite a hectic job and you can even end up injuring yourself if you are not careful enough. So, seek professionals’ help or involve your family members to join you in the task! Furniture should at first be dismantled before they are packed. Use moving blankets to cover the table-tops and use old rugs to cover any other furniture surface. The dismantled parts must be wrapped individually with generous coats of bubble wraps and packing paper!

• Few more tips for moving fragile goods – We have discussed some of the handiest packing tips for your valuable household articles, but here are some more you can check out!

  1. Open spaces within fragile articles or moving boxes should be sealed with foam peanuts or crumpled paper.
  2. If you are moving all your delicate, specialty items in one big box, make sure to add a sufficient layer of packing paper and a single coat of bubble wrap to the bottom of the carton.
  3. Do not move many, oddly shaped items together in a box, they might damage the other items in the box. If possible, use different-sized boxes for your range of fragile goods.


When you are doing the packing of your belongings on your own, you remain worried about quite a lot of things. Your mind is baffled with “what if” this goes wrong or something gets broken or smashed during the move. This happens when you have a range of fragile goods in your collection and you do not want them to arrive at your new home in pieces. For that, you must look over the ideas discussed above and enjoy a hassle-free and damage-free move!

A Useful Manual for Unloading & Re-Organizing Goods after a Move!

For most of us, the most challenging part of the relocation tends to be the packing and shipment of our goods to the destination, but the real struggle lies in the post moving phase – where you have to take care of safe unloading and unpacking of your items before they are re-organized at your new home. If you are thinking of making a move in the next couple of months, and have almost got into the arrangements for the same, you would also have hired the professional movers – like Agarwal Packers for the task. But, in case you are still worried about how all those innumerable packages would be securely unloaded and unpacked one by one, at your destination and how the rest of the post moving home organization task would take place in a short while, then this blog post is going to help you out.

Here, we have incorporated all the post moving tips, where you can take care of safe and secure unloading of your household items from the moving vehicle when it reaches the destination, i.e. your new home. But, it is important to mention here, that unloading is nowhere an easy task. It is equally if not more complicated than packing. Therefore, you should be well prepared with an organized unloading and unpacking method to make the job easy! And the points mentioned underneath would help you in doing that a lot more, systematically.

Note: While some people prefer getting their consignment unloaded the same day, it reaches their address, some individual’s desire to do that over a couple of days (in such a case, the moving truck remains parked in the customers’ residential area and the goods are unloaded the next day. So, whatever your requirement is like, you can discuss everything related to your unloading, with the professional movers’ team while you are signing them for the agreement.

• Keep it organized – Unloading creates a lot of mess and all you could see around are half-opened cartons, packing papers, and bubble wraps torn apart. So, before getting into the unpacking job in a jumbled-up way, you should try to unpack the priority item packages first. You can begin with your kitchen section, your bedroom, or your bathroom because these are the primary spaces that need to be turned operational first.

• Ensure to a label – The first point unfailingly brings us to the fact that all our packages should be well labelled and numbered. This is one of the most aspects to take care of while your goods are being packed. If you have numbered your packages and have added proper labels denoting the details of the item, the designated room it should be taken to, and the handling instructions, your unloading task would be fulfilled in no time!

• Install major appliances – Next up, you should make sure to unload the packages carrying electronic items first, because nearly all of them would need quick installation. Do not rush, be careful while you are lifting the cartons of equipment because they would be heavy and could injure you if not dealt with properly!

Note: Managing the heavier objects (electronic items, furniture, and appliances) would be difficult, so you are advised to seek professional assistance to reinstate all your major household items in your place. The packing experts would do that on their own, provided if you have chosen a full-service moving company – like Agarwal Packers and Movers for the task. But, if not, you would need to book a local moving team to get the job done, at an additional fee.

• Watch your spaces – While your packages and cartons are being unloaded by your team, you should check if the pathways are clear and free of hurdles. Movers often use specialized equipment like a hand truck, furniture dolly and appliance dolly that requires sufficient open spaces and safe corridors (for smooth movement of your cartons once they have been unloaded). The equipment holds your package securely and moves your heavy appliances (refrigerator, washing machines, etc.) to your desired place without any struggle.

• Takedown fragile goods – Your range of specialty items would be the most expensive ones, and also the most delicate. Therefore, to ensure they are safe and sound, you should unload those packages ahead of other moving cartons carrying household items. Fragile items can break and smash if kept under pressure and bounded for a long time. So, make sure you get them out of the moving truck. For assistance, you can even mention a specific mark or simply write the term ‘Priority’ alongside ‘Fragile’ while you are packing your specialty items. It would help you in easing out your home organization process, later on.

• Ascertain storage items – Ahead of the move, you would also have a significant amount of your goods safely transported in the secure storage units. It is time for you to get them in your new home at the earliest. It is recommended that you book the storage unit facility for only the in-between interim duration and not for an extended period because it comes at a high price. So, soon after most of your moving cartons and boxes have been safely unloaded, you should talk to the secure storage authorities to arrange for the shipment of your storage items. If it is scheduled to reach you the next day, fine enough, you will have sufficient time to manage the rest of your household goods.

• Inspect for one last time – Soon after your packages have been unloaded and moved into your new home, you should evaluate each one of them to spot damages or figure out if something is misplaced during the transit. You can seek insurance reimbursement if your items have undergone breakage or have been lost. Match each of your moving cartons with its name, listed in the inventory before making final payment to the movers.


Relocations are quite complicated and challenging to experience. Both your pre-moving and post-moving tasks include so many activities that you feel exhausted. If you are worried about how you will deal with the post-move, unloading-unpacking-arrangement of your goods at your place, then you should seek help from the best – Agarwal Movers and Packers who would serve you with the best of services till the final step of your move!

7 Best Techniques to Cleanse & Organize Home Before Relocation!

Relocations are one of the most challenging phases of our lives. It is a comprehensive project, where you need sufficient time, immense planning, and brilliant execution in place. Nobody can fulfill a house moving task with a mere thought in mind and few steps for preparation down the line! You have to be cautious and smart enough while you are etching out a moving day plan and a strategy that can help you in an effortless move. Don’t you think? If you are stressing over how you would clean up your space to manage your relocation easily, scheduled to happen next month, then here are certain tips that you can follow by heart! Alongside, if you can appoint the moving experts from Agarwal Packers, you can have a fantastic moving experience!


Most people consider the pre-moving period the most hectic and exhausting. And true it is. One has to look over the nooks and specifics of the household, to inspect the goods and evaluate which ones should be moved into the trash bin and which ones to keep. This is what spring cleaning in general, refers to and this entire task consumes a lot of time and the hardest part is to get started with it. If you too are undergoing a similar stressful situation but could not figure out from where to start exactly, then you should follow the below-mentioned tips!

• Formulate a plan

Just as you need a fool proof plan for your relocation, you also need an idea for cleaning up your space ahead of a move. If you think, you will get straight into the packing process as and when you decided, without sorting out it in the first place, you will end up getting even more confused and fatigued. So, soon after a shifting date has been finalized, you should curate a plan as to when you are going to clean up and organize your space and make it ideal to be packed and moved.

• Focus on one area

You will realize there are several places and corners in your household, like your kitchen area, your library hall, the cupboards in your bedroom and the attic needs a revisit and reorganizing before you pick up stuff from there and get it packed for the move. So, double-check to see if the basement area is thoroughly cleaned, the objects in the kitchen area have been sorted and the essential ones have been kept aside, and so on. Pay attention to one particular area, say your living room or your study room, and wrap up the packing of the section first, before moving on to the next space. To make the sorting process easy, keep bins/ baskets designated to each - keep, sell and donate and keep tossing your items in those, accordingly!

• Get rid of the trash

De-cluttering your space before a move does wonders for your relocation. You figure what exactly you need and what all you can let go of ahead of your move. The more you sort out and segregate your items, the cautiously you choose ultimately decides how well planned and easy you are moving! Remember, when you move less, you cut down on your moving cost, and this makes your move economical and easy.

• Design your inventory

While you are sorting out your items, you will have a clear idea of the innumerable things (furniture, clothes, and appliances) that you have in your place. Not that all of your goods and possessions would be listed in your moving inventory, but only the needful ones. So, jot down the names clearly with the prospective moving costs for the same. If you have hired experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers, they will prepare your inventory after evaluating your items, but since you are doing that, you can even note down the designated room name in the inventory so you can have an idea of how much stuff you are moving from one particular section of your room.

• Deal with appliances

Running a deep cleaning of all your electronic appliances, especially the refrigerator and microwave oven is needed. Also, make sure you wipe out the surfaces from inside once you have pulled out everything kept within (dry foods, snacks, and bottles of liquids kept in the freezer and fridge) and unplug them beforehand. Dealing with appliances required careful handling of the same, so make sure you seek guidance or get to the user guide while undoing complicated appliances.

• Rinse clothes and linen

Who loves moving into a new home with filthy clothes and dirty linen? Nobody does! So, make sure you do a deep cleaning of your clothing section, especially the ones that you won’t be wearing anytime soon so you can keep them for the time being in fresh and clean condition. Mark a day or two for this purpose, so you have ample time to dry them out and iron them before packing. Same for your unclean bedding and linen – make sure you wash all your curtains, towels, drapes, and covers before you pack them up!

• Breathe easy

Once you have managed the cleaning and sorting tasks of your home, you will be able to shed off a significant burden from your shoulders till the final date of the move. Now you can have an easy time, with your family. Meanwhile, you can prepare an essentials kit, arrange your documents and wrap up anything remaining on your end. You can even research the new city or town you are moving to so you can have a smooth transition! You can find out the places of interest and other important setups – banks, workplaces, markets, stationery, medical stores, hospitals, schools, and colleges, etc. so you can cut out the weirdness of the new place post moving to some extent.


There is a curated process to prepare your household before a move. You do need a planner or a checklist or simply a team of relocation experts like Agarwal Movers and Packers who would bring to you an excellent strategy that you can follow to clean up and organize your home and prepare it for the upcoming move! This blog post highlights some of the effective ways you can consider to make your home ready for the next big move.